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Tim Knol – Lightyears Better

Tim has participated in a number of our livestreams. His affinity for folk and country from the United States rings through in the tracks he has played there, and on his new album, “Lightyears Better,” that sound is unmistakable.

Review Muse – Will of the People – Short and…?

Muse can be counted among the greats of the world. The British band – once started as Rocket Baby Dolls – has been at it since 1994 with their first album Showbiz in 1999. Your author fell in love with it. As a Radiohead fan, Showbiz hit hard. Now we are 23 years and 9 […]

Portret van Beethoven

Musical series – part 5 – Beethoven

Ask someone to sing the first thing that spontaneously comes to mind when you hear the words “classical music” and chances are it will be “ta-da-da-daah. The famous opening of the fifth symphony by Ludwig van Beethoven.

Intercontinental Ensemble – In Motu

It’s weird to start a review of an album with how it sounds, but there’s a good reason for it. It may be well known by now that the TRPTK label puts out good sounding albums. At Alpha Audio, music experience is our focus, but we write a lot about how to best do that […]

Musical Series – The Classic Top 400

The classic Top 400 is broadcasted on NPO Radio 4. The Top 400 is the classic counterpart of the Top 2000, with the difference that the list is shorter, while there are centuries of music to choose from instead of decades. A Top 4000 would be more appropriate, but anyway…

Musical series – part 4 – Minimal Music

Minimal music stands to a symphony as dance stands to hard rock. It is a movement that has brought great innovation to Western music.

Musical series – part 3 – I’m going to France

Cycling fans who listen to Radio Tour de France know that every year the song “I’m going to France (I’m never coming back)” by the Amazing Stroopwafels is played several times. If you’re in a traffic jam you certainly think so! There are many musical reasons to move to France and I want to show […]

Basilova, Napolov, Fridman - Obscure Atlas

Obscure Atlas SG-3 and Heliopause

From the edge of our solar system to the center of our earth. Two musical journeys that take us to places we won’t otherwise go.

Musical Series – The voice – Part 2

We all possess an instrument: our voice. I know of no other instrument with which you can evoke as many diverse emotions as a voice. A voice can scare you, but it can also enchant you.

Musical Series – Sunday morning music – Part 1

The first article in a series, at least that is the intention. Readers of this website have, I assume, chosen their equipment with care, in search of sound that can enrapture them. As a music omnivore, I listen to everything, but I grew up with a preference for classical music. In this series, I hope […]