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Tim Knol – Lightyears Better

Tim has participated in a number of our livestreams. His affinity for folk and country from the United States rings through in the tracks he has played there, and on his new album, “Lightyears Better,” that sound is unmistakable.

Review Muse – Will of the People – Short and…?

Muse can be counted among the greats of the world. The British band – once started as Rocket Baby Dolls – has been at it since 1994 with their first album Showbiz in 1999. Your author fell in love with it. As a Radiohead fan, Showbiz hit hard. Now we are 23 years and 9 […]

Intercontinental Ensemble – In Motu

It’s weird to start a review of an album with how it sounds, but there’s a good reason for it. It may be well known by now that the TRPTK label puts out good sounding albums. At Alpha Audio, music experience is our focus, but we write a lot about how to best do that […]

Basilova, Napolov, Fridman - Obscure Atlas

Obscure Atlas SG-3 and Heliopause

From the edge of our solar system to the center of our earth. Two musical journeys that take us to places we won’t otherwise go.

Musical Series – Sunday morning music – Part 1

The first article in a series, at least that is the intention. Readers of this website have, I assume, chosen their equipment with care, in search of sound that can enrapture them. As a music omnivore, I listen to everything, but I grew up with a preference for classical music. In this series, I hope […]

Review Taylor Swift: Evermore

If there was one positive element to pick up this past, bizarre period then perhaps it was that people had a little more time for themselves and for others. Although an abundance of time is not optimal for everyone, it certainly gave a creative impulse to many artists


Concertgebouw Orchestra conducted by Riccardo Chailly – Symphony no.3 by Prokofiev, Arcana by Varèse and Zavod by Mosolov.

Yes, Alpha-Audio is going to review classical music! After no-go’s such as vinyl, tube amps and horn speakers penetrated Alpha-Audio’s test benches earlier this year, it’s now classical music. As is often the case, a loyal Alpha reader pointed out to us that we don’t pay attention to classical music in test tracks, while this […]

Multitest: Tidal vs Qobuz vs Spotify vs Master files vs Vinyl vs Cassette

Is there a audible difference between streaming services? And what are these differences? We had this test on our wish list for a long time and when preparing it we came to the conclusion that playlists already existed before there were online streaming services. These tracks were in fact recorded onto a cassette tape; for personal use […]

Rush - Permanent Waves 40

Review Rush – Permanent Waves – 40th Anniversary

With the unexpected death of drummer Neil Peart in January 2020, fans of Rush got some very, very bad news to process. Although the renowned lyricist has stopped playing the drums for some time now, his demise makes for an irrevocable point in the Rush story. Fortunately, this suffering is alleviated by the re-release of […]

Pure Reason Revolution - Eupnea

Pure Reason Revolution – Eupnea

The British Pure Reason Revolution is responsible for a small revolution in the progworld with “The Dark Third” in 2006. On the album, the band combines classic progressive rock with modern influences from electronics and dance. After the two albums “Amor Vincit Omnia” (2009) and “Hammer And Anvil” (2010), they no longer feel inspiration and […]