Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 HDMI 2.1 module

Lyngdorf has released the TDAI-3400 HDMI 2.1 upgrade module, intended for the TDAI-3400 amplifier.


MoFi SourcePoint 10

With the SourcePoint 10 coaxial speaker, MoFi establishes its first product designed by legend Andrew Jones.


LG CineBeam projector for outdoor use

There are those people who prefer to do everything outdoors, including watching movies and TV. LG is coming to their rescue with the CineBeam projector.


Lindy BNX-60XT ANC headphones

Lindy has released a sweetly priced pair of headphones with active noise cancellation (ANC): the BNX-60XT.


AVM MP 5.3 en MP 3.3, tube or transistor

AVM has released the MP 5.3 and MP 3.3. Media players each with their own target audience because you choose between a tube or transistor version.


SIVGA SV023 open balanced headphones

SIVGA is a subsidiary of Chinese Sendy Audio and it they released their new open SV023 headphones.


McIntosh MC451 AC monoblock

McIntosh has announced the new hybrid MC451 AC monoblock, specifically designed for bi-amping.


Vincent SA-T7MK now with Bluetooth

Vincent has given the tube pre-amplifier SA-T7 a refresh, the new SA-T7MK now features Bluetooth.


Teufel presents all-rounder AIRY TWS

Manufacturer Teufel itself labels the new AIRY TWS in-ears as a true all-rounder, and that is not entirely unjustified given the ratio between price and specs.


Qobuz celebrates 15 years

French music streamer Qobuz has been around for 15 years, and during this time it has amassed a loyal fan base of music lovers.