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Nieuws - Accessories

Finite Elemente

Finite Elemente Pagode MKII Carbon Edition

Importer More Music is pleased to introduce Finite Elemente’s new Pagode MKII Carbon Edition, a top-of-the-line audio rack.


Bassocontinuo Classic Line Mc Edition

Bassocontinuo’s flagship racks – the Classic Line – have received a makeover in the form of the Mc Edition.


Furutech V1 NCF (Ltd. Ed.) power cable

Furutech has brought to market in a very limited edition what they say is a “state of the art” Powercord: The Project V1 NCF.

The Chord Company

The Chord Company power strip

The Chord Company launches its first-ever power strip in the brand’s history, with the motto “Power distribution done right!


In-akustik LS-404 Micro-Air speaker cable

The new In-Akustik LS-404 is handmade and can be considered as the equally new flagship of the cable (and much more!) manufacturer.

Live Review interlinks – 250 – 350 Euro – 30 January 2022 – 10:30

Do cables have an audible influence on the reproduction? If so, how much? If not… then we’re going to hear about it this Sunday. We’re going to connect five pairs of cables for you and let you hear them. Live. All cables are in the price range around 250 – 350 euros per stereo pair, […]


McIntosh base for its top models

McIntosh has released precisely fitting bases – two in all to be exact – for its top-of-the-line amplifiers.


QED Connect: nice price cables

The British QED wants to prove with its new Connect series that a good quality cable doesn’t to cost a fortune.


Audience forte f5 power cord

Audience’s new forte f5 power cord is portrayed by the manufacturer as a “true high-end” power cord, intended for equally high-end audio components.


Vertere presents VeRum Interconnect Cable

Vertere Acoustics has added the new VeRum Interconnect Cable (and more flavors) to its line of cabling.