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Klipsch ProMedia Heritage 2.1 speakerset

The new Klipsch ProMedia Heritage is a 2.1 speaker set specifically for use with a PC, laptop or television.


McIntosh RS250 & RS150 streaming speakers

McIntosh presents the RS250 and RS150 active speakers, equipped with wireless streaming capabilities and Bluetooth.


Genelec 6040R active speaker

The Genelec 6040R is an active speaker with, among other things, an onboard room measurement function that ensures optimal adjustment to the listening room.


Meridian DSP8000 XE active speaker

Meridian released its new series of ‘Digital Active Loudspeakers’, with the flagship being the DSP8000 XE.


Pioneer DJ DM-50D speakers

Pioneer DJ presents the DM-50D active desktop monitors, for both professional and home use.


Cabasse celebrates 70 years with Pearl Pelegrina

France’s Cabasse is celebrating its 70th anniversary, and that’s reason enough for a ‘celebration-model’. One of the expressions of happiness is the new Pearl Pelegrina speaker.


Airpulse P100x retro-look wireless speaker

The new Airpulse P100x is a wireless speaker intended for stationary use on a desk or table, for example.


JBL L75ms, old stuff in a new jacket

The new L75ms is not the first model that JBL has given a modern look. The speaker looks retro, but offers all the modern streaming options under the hood.

Q Acoustics

Q Acoustics Q Active 400 columns

As the name of the new Q Acoustics Q Active 400 probably suggests, this is an active speaker in column format.

Live Stream test – Grimm – ATC – Dutch & English

Thos Sunday – 28-03-2021 – we will go live again at 10:30 with three great, active, speakers. This time the Grimm LS1a, the Dutch & Dutch 8C and the ATC SCM40A. Yes: this trio has visited us before, but now, we have a leveled battlefield. All around 10,000 euros per pair