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TRPTK releases Rembrandt Frerichs ‘Pianoconcerten Nrs. 1 & 2’

TRPTK today released a new CD of Piano Concertos Nr. 1 & 2 by Frerichs. Performed by the Alma Quartet, Dominic Seldis (members of the Concertgebouw Orchestra), Vinsent Planjer and of course Rembrandt Frerichs himself.


Nagra celebrates 70 years with vinyl

The Swiss brand Nagra is celebrating its 70th anniversary with a special double album on vinyl, sourced from analog master tapes.

Kanye West

Kanye West latest exclusive for Stem Player

Kanye West is tired of the revenue model of streaming services – from which, according to him, he makes far too little as an artist. And so he is going for an alternative route.


TRPTK presents Intercontinental Ensemble ‘Arc

Well-known record label TRPTK from the Dutch ciry of Utrecht released a new CD by the Intercontinental Ensemble, titled “Arc”.


TRPTK CD-releases ‘Winterreise’

The well-known Utrecht-based record label TRPTK releases a new classical CD today entitled Winterreise.


TRPTK album release ‘Miscellanea’

TRPTK has released the new album Miscellanea by Menno van Delft & Artem Belogurov: an intimate look into the musical life of the 18th century.

Soundway Records

Soundway Records presents Welcome To The Jungle

Swedish duo Mount Liberation Unlimited have released their new album Welcome To The Jungle with Soundway Records.


TRPTK announces CD release In Motu

Take a new musical journey with the nine-member Intercontinental Ensemble, through the new CD In Moto, released by label TRPTK.

Stan Vreeken

Stan Vreeken: Just Like That

This Friday, September 3, Stan Vreeken will release his latest single “Cinderella Goes It Alone. A month later his long awaited debut album will follow.


TRPTK presents ‘Ten Songs of Change’

The special record label TRPTK has released a new CD: Ten Songs Of Change, on which cellist Maya Fridman plays the leading role, in collaboration with composer and pianist Marion von Tilzer.