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Nieuws - Complete systems

Sonus Faber

Sonus Faber Omnia all-in-one

All-in-ones are becoming more and more popular, so Sonus Faber is also trying to grab a slice of this market with the new Omnia all-in-one.


AVM presents new all-in-ones

Germany’s AVM presents the Evolution CS 3.3 and CS 5.3 all-in-ones, in other words: connect some speakers and start listening.


Technics SA-C600 all-in-one

The new Technics SA-C600 is a streamer-CD player-receiver, so as far as we are concerned it can simply be called an all-in-one.


Rega System One, made for vinyl enthusiasts

Rega has released an all-around delightful handmade hi-fi set specifically for vinyl enthusiasts.


Audiolab Omnia all-in-one

The new Omnia from Audiolab is a compact all-in-one hi-fi system, including an always practical CD player.


Elipson Audio presents Music Centre Connect HD

The French company Elipson Audio presents a – at least in terms of design – special product: the Music Centre Connect HD.


Sonoro: Maestro and Orchestra with new colors

The Sonoro Maestro receiver and matching speaker Orchestra are now available in several new colors.


Panasonic presents PMX802 all-in-one

The new Panasonic PMX802 is a true all-in-one; with this mini system, the speakers are also included and you are ready in one fell swoop.


Sonoro Primus all-in-one audio system

Those cheeky all-in-one audio systems like this Sonoro Primus are stil nice all-around devices. You’re done in one fell swoop and it saves space. And often: money.


MUSICSTATION by Teufel can play almost anything

Teufel’s MUSICSTATION offers listening pleasure through all possible channels. With six speakers and a power output of 100 watts, the stereo system offers many possibilities.