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Nieuws - Network


Melco Audio S10 high-end network switch

Melco Audio has launched the S10 network switch, intended for audiophile applications and equipped with a separate power supply.


Synology deletes (again) models with DSM 7.1

DSM 7.1 gets close to rollout, prompting Synology to phase out another series of NAS models, including relatively recent ones.


Totaldac D1-Switch audio grade ethernetswitch

Totaldac has released a new network switch specifically optimized for audio applications, the D1-Switch.


Synology DS3622xs+ and DS2422+ NASses

The new Synology DS3622xs+ and DS2422+ are designed for serious and heavy use, ran by powerful CPUs.

Western Digital

Western Digital ends support for older MyCloud-drives

If you use an older Western Digital MyCloud network hard drive in your home as a simple NAS, then keep on reading carefully.


Pura Ammonite audiophile network switch

Pura Power Supplies released the Ammonite network switch, fully optimized for audio streaming applications.


Synology DSM 7 no longer supports USB dacs

Although the now released Synology DSM 7.0 has a lot of good features, we also find some serious features missing. Such as lack of USB-DAC support.


Synology presents new RackStations

Synology is proud to introduce the new RackStation RS2421+ and RS2421RP+ with 12 slots and RackStation RS2821RP+ with 16 slots.


D-Link fast router DIR-X5460 with Wi-Fi 6

D-Link introduces its fastest router to date: the DIR-X5460 with Wi-Fi 6, which is well suited for robust high-resolution video streams.


Synology new RackStation devices for high-end storage

Synology unveils new RackStation series and hard drives HAT5300, designed for businesses that need top performance.