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Alpha Audio 3.0 – the new website!

Alpha Audio is all about the readers, the interaction AND the transfer of knowledge. This has been true from day one, and it will never change. To do this successfully, it is sometimes necessary to look critically at the tools you use. And that is what we have done. Welcome to our new website!

Thorens celebrates its 140th birthday with TD 124 DD


Thorens is celebrating its 140th anniversary, and that’s too good a number to let go unnoticed. And so there is the TD 124 DD ‘Birthday Edition to’ add lustre to this milestone.

USB-C: trouble in paradise?


The EU, in all its wisdom, decided that it was a good idea to mandate USB-C as the standard for charging. However, it seems that problems are arising.

Børresen X6 floor-standing speaker


Denmark’s Børresen has added a new speaker to its X series introduced last year: the X6.

iFi iCAN Phantom flagship headphone amplifier


iFi presents its brand new iCAN Phantom headphone amplifier which, among other things, can drive electrostatic headphones.

Melco N5-H50 music server


The Melco N5-H50 is based on the flagship N1-S38 released by the manufacturer in March this year.

Live Stream – Blind test interlinks – the influence of conductor material


Next Sunday we will go live again! This time we have a ‘weird’ test. Namely, we are going to blind test six interlinks. But not just any pair of interlinks. We are going to blind test six interlinks with different conductor materials. This to determine whether there is a difference and if so: how big the differences are.

Wattson Audio Madison Lounge Edition

Wattson Audio

Swiss-based Wattson Audio has released a limited-edition version of its Madison streamer DAC, marked “Lounge Edition.

Cambridge Audio Evo CD

Cambrdigde Audio

Cambridge Audio has released the Evo CD, a CD player that naturally fits perfectly into the Evo series.

Nubert with new pre- and power amplifier


Nubert presents its new preamplifier nuControlX as well as a power amplifier that nicely matches it in the form of the nuConnect ampXL.

Aune M1p portable music player


Aune has released a new, portable music player equipped with, among other things, an FPGA-supported DAC: the M1p.