Nieuws - Headphone amplifiers

Astell & Kern

Astell & Kern PA10 headphone amplifier

Astell & Kern has released a pure headphone amplifier without a built-in music player.

Auris Audio

Auris Audio Nirvana IV

Auris Audio has released a brand new high-end headphone amplifier, the Nirvana IV that should be widely applicable.


Aune Flamingo DAC-headphone amplifier

With the Aune Flamingo, you ‘score’ not only a DAC, but also a headphone amplifier built around tubes.


D&D Audio on the new Astell&Kern

Importer D&D Audio puts the new Astell&Kern ACRO CA1000 firmly in the spotlight in its latest newsletter.


iFi presents xDSD Gryphon DAC headphone amplifier

The brand new iFi xDSD Gryphon DAC headphone amplifier should be available by about now, designed portable use.


Apple 2021 MacBook Pro supports all headphones

The new Apple MacBook Pro 2021 has more surprises under the hood than meets the eye. Headphone lovers can go wild!


Violectric Chronos, portable DAC for on the go

Listening on the go, with some headphones, is more popular than ever. And since headphones anno nowadays sound very, very well… a portable DAC like this Violoectric Chronos fits right in.


Ferrum presents headphone amplifier OOR

Poland’s Ferrum – falling under the wings of HEM – has released the high-end headphone amplifier OOR, for the real enthusiasts.


Vincent KHV-200 tube headphone amplifier

Vincent has released a new tube-based headphone amplifier, the KHV-200. In which, by the way, semiconductors are also present.


McIntosh MHA200 AC headphone amplifier with tubes

McIntosh has released a compact tube-based headphone amplifier. The MHA200 AC still some weight on the scale: 4.8 pounds to be exact.