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Yamaha updates unlock potential of its AVRs

Yamaha has released a “much needed” update that unlocks the HDMI 2.1 potential of its top 3 AVRs.


Denon introduces the DHT-S217 soundbar

Denon presents the DHT-S217 soundbar, with as special feature its built-in subwoofers.


Netflix hits troubled waters

Things aren’t looking so rosy for Netflix anymore, its shares collapsed this week and its subscriber base is declining.


FIFA+ free streaming for soccer fans

FIFA has launched its free streaming service FIFA+, expect – among other things – 40,000 live soccer matches.


TCL Europe rolls out mountain of novelties

TCL Europe is releasing a wide range of new products in the entertainment and home-lifestyle fields; we are obviously focusing on the former.


Philips TV & Sound wins 4 Red Dot Product Design Awards

Philips TV & Sound won four 2022 Red Dot Product Design Awards, of course always great to see your designs getting crowned!


Rotel presents new custom install amplifiers

Rotel announces its latest custom install amplifiers in their lineup: the C8 and C8+, both Class AB amplifiers.


KRO-NCRV Clinton Young: About time

Well, it has nothing to with audio, but then again it is streaming. And the KRO-NCRV docu about Clinton Young ís a good story too. So onward, by way of exception!

Android TV

Android TV 12 will appear later this year

Android TV version 12 should be released sometime later this year, but the exact date is not yet known.Not much is known about new features either.

Nakamichi Shockwafe Dolby Atmos soundbar

Nakamichi announces the release of the world’s first Dolby Atmos soundbar with support for aptX HD, in the form of the Shockwafe Ultra 9.2 DTS:X.