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Rega presents Elex MK4

The Rega Elex has been upgraded to MK4, making it a direct replacement for the Elex-R.

Live Massatest – Integrated Amplifiers – 2500 Euro – 27-11-2022 – 10:30

Next Sunday – November 27, 2022 – 10:30 CET – we will put seven integrated amplifiers – price range around 2500 Euro – side by side. This will – not unexpectedly – be done in the now familiar way: your author will measure everything and the authors on the bench will do the test blind. […]


Bose presents their Music Amplifier

Bose has released the brand new Music Amplifier, which can handle both older and a whole lot more recent sources.


Vincent SV-237MKII hybrid class A amplifier

The Vincent SV-237MKII, as can be concluded from the type number, has arrived at its third iteration already. Hybrid and Class A, for anyone who cannot choose between tube or transistor.


Luxman presents L-507Z

The Luxman L-507Z is the first of the brand’s new “Gen Z” line of equipment and involves an integrated amplifier.

Audio Research

Audio Research I/50 tube amp

They’re still around: lovers of the time-honored tube sound. The new Audio Research I/50 is tailor made for this group of audiophiles.


Pro-Ject MAIA S3 integrated amplifier

Pro-Ject has released the new My Audiophile Integrated Amplifier S3 – which from now on we’ll just call MAIA S3.

HiFi Rose

HiFi Rose RA180: looks to die for

The HiFi Rose RA180 is a Korean-made integrated amplifier, and its designers got everything out in terms of design.


Rega rolls out Elicit MK5

Rega has unveiled the brand new Elicit MK5 integrated amplifier, featuring an all-new DAC design.


Vincent SV-228 hybrid integrated amplifier

Germany’s Vincent has released a new hybrid integrated amplifier in the form of the SV-228.