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Nieuws - Loudspeakers

Grimm Audio

Grimm Audio Nano Legs for LS1

Grimm Audio’s new LS1 Nano Legs allow you to place the LS1 speaker on a table or dresser if desired, ideal for smaller homes.


Klipsch ProMedia Heritage 2.1 speakerset

The new Klipsch ProMedia Heritage is a 2.1 speaker set specifically for use with a PC, laptop or television.


MIT technicians created ultra flat speaker

Researchers at the famed MIT have come up with an ultra-flat speaker that you can simply stick to any surface.


iEar’ invites: KEF – 12, 13 in 14 mei

KEF celebrates its 60th anniversary with company history, listening sessions with the new Reference META, Blade META and the unveiling of a KEF World First!

Live Stream Event – Three bookshelves of 1000 Euro per pair

Next Sunday – nice weather or not! – we’re going to test three wonderful bookshelfs: the Sonus Faber Lumina II, the ELAC UBR62 and the Focal Aria 906. We’re not just going to play records…. we’re going to combine them with three amplifiers: the Nuprime IDA8, the Yamaha A-S2200 and the Pass Labs XP-12 with […]


Viertron puts Meridian DSP8000XE in the spotlight

Viertron puts the Meridian DSP8000XE loudspeaker firmly in the spotlight in the distributor’s latest newsletter.


Viertron importer of Perlisten Speakers

Dutch Viertron announces that it has become the designated distributor and importer of the American speaker brand Perslisten.


KEF presents new Blade loudspeaker

KEF unveils the latest ‘Blade’ flagship floorstanding speakers and a new model of the groundbreaking ‘The Reference’ speaker.


McIntosh RS250 & RS150 streaming speakers

McIntosh presents the RS250 and RS150 active speakers, equipped with wireless streaming capabilities and Bluetooth.


Klipsch The Fives in McLaren F1 edition

The Klipsch The Fives active speakers will be available in an SE version, featuring McLaren F1 looks.