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Nieuws - Speakers


Philips unveils Fidelio wireless AV platform

Philips offers a look at three new models for their Fidelio AV platform arriving later this year.


Zuma Lumisonic, luminous ceiling speaker

The new Zuma Lumisonic is a speaker designed by the B&W engineer who also signed on for the latter brand’s Nautilus.

Lithe Audio

Lithe Audio WiSA-certified Dolby Atmos ceiling speaker

Dolby Atmos is “the height channel of a surround system,” and so it’s no surprise that Lithe Audio has released a ceiling speaker for this purpose.


Focal presents 1000 Series in-wall speakers

The new Focal 1000 Series consists of built-in speakers equipped with adjustable drivers that can be directed towards the listener.


Bluesound adds new surround setting

The latest firmware update from Bluesoud adds a stereo surround setting to the menu settings of the Bluesound Soundbar and the Powernode.


Triangle EMT7 recessed loudspeaker

Triangle has a new built-in speaker in its range. The EMT7 has been specially designed for quick and discreet installation.

Sonos introduces new Sonos ARC soundbar

After years, the time has come: Sonos has a new flagship model soundbar: the Sonos ARC. And no: ARC does not stand for audio-return channel. Although it does have that functionality. ARC stands for… yes: what it actually stands for. Arc(h)? But than again it doesn’t? Ah well… nevermind. Who knows what it stands for. […]


JBL presents HDI Series speakers

JBL has released the new HDI Series of speakers. Among other things, they are characterized by a ‘high definition wave guide’.