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Nieuws - Streaming


Moon streamers now with Tidal Connect

Moon informs that this brand’s streamers got Tidal Connect implemented, which is good news for subscribers to this music service.


Spotify Car Thing on sale in US

Spotify’s new Car Thing has gone on sale in the United States, whether and when it will be available elsewhere is still unknown.

Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s podcast “Into the Mix”

Ben & Jerry’s – the well-known ice cream manufacturer – is launching a podcast with which it hopes to inspire activists and artists worldwide.


Qobuz Duo: share a hi-res subscription!

Qobuz announces that two people in one household can now share a hi-res subscription; which obviously saves money.


Spotify and Hifi that just didn’t come

It seems that Spotify has quietly put its Hi-Fi offerings on hold. For now or forever. Time will tell.


Apple HomePod (and mini) ready for Music Voice

Via the (perhaps already implemented) Apple HomePod 15.2 update you add support for Music Voice to your speaker.


Apple TV+ ready for Panasonic televisies

In case you own a Panasonic 4K TV, it’s time to really start enjoying its screen resolution, for example now via Apple TV +.

Atoll Electronique

Viertron announces Atoll Electronique & Tidal promo

Distributor Viertron in its latest newsletter announces a nice promotion concerning Atoll Electronique and music streaming service Tidal: enjoy music immediately on your new device!

Apple Music

Apple Music: now listen via LG tv’s

You can now listen to Apple Music via LG smart TVs, including watching 4K music videos if you are in the mood.


Tidal splits hi-fi abo

Music streamer Tidal is going to split its HiFi subscription, with the standard subscription now also having access to uncompressed sound.