Yamaha updates unlock potential of its AVRs

Yamaha has released a “much needed” update that unlocks the HDMI 2.1 potential of its top 3 AVRs.


Audio Technica AT-LPW30BK in zwart

The affordable Audio Technica AT-LPW30BK turntable is now also available in the more ‘traditional’ hi-fi color black.


EPOS attends ISE 2022 Barcelona

Slowly but surely, ‘the big trade shows’ are showing up again, including ISE 2022 in Barcelona, where EPOS will also be present with the latest developments around the EXPAND range.

Roger Daltrey

Roger Daltrey in The Independent critical about streamers

Roger Daltrey of The Who expresses his views on numerous issues in an interesting article published by the British newspaper The Independent. Including the negative influence of streamers on revenue and plagiarism.


iEar’ invites: KEF – 12, 13 in 14 mei

KEF celebrates its 60th anniversary with company history, listening sessions with the new Reference META, Blade META and the unveiling of a KEF World First!

High End

High End with new exhibition around the corner

Good news for anyone living at the western border of Germany: they can visit Düsseldorf/Neus in June, for something new from High End.


Astell&Kern SEM4 DAC-module

As an interesting feature, the Astell&Kern A&Futura SE180 music player offers the option of changing DAC modules. For example, with the new SEM4.


Denon introduces the DHT-S217 soundbar

Denon presents the DHT-S217 soundbar, with as special feature its built-in subwoofers.


Roberts Beacon 325 Bluetooth-speaker

Should you be on the lookout for a nice Bluetooth speaker, this Roberts Beacon 325 with a timeless design might be for you.

Live Stream – Speaker decoupling – Isoacoustics – Primacoustic – Townshend

A crazy – but important – one this time! What is the impact of speaker decoupling? Are those spikes in the speakers just fine, or is there a real gain to be made with a pair of decent decouplers? We are going to test – LIVE – for you three brands of decouplers: Isoacoustics, Townshend […]