Is TikTok planning a music service?

There are rumors that TikTok is going to start its own music service. Whether that’s really something we should look forward to…?


MFE PDV03 phase meter

With the MFE PDV03 phase meter, you can quickly and easy determine the phase of the connections in a socket.

AM Clean Sound

AM Clean Sound Keith Haring accessories

Vinyl lovers who are also mesmerized by Keith Haring’s art can indulge themselves in the new AM Clean Sound accessories.


IsoTek with new power filters and power strips

Distributor IDC Klaassen informs us that IsoTek is releases new mains filters and sockets. Ideal components to power your hi-fi system with, as icing on the cake.


Pro-Ject Amp Box S3 amplifier

Pro-Ject has released a miniature amplifier with very nice specifications, and at a very nice price level too.

Musical Fidelity

Musical Fidelity MX-Stream

The MX-Stream from Musical Fidelity is a “high-end audio optimized” streamer and network bridge, which can handle various streaming services and more.


Network Media Systems distributor Sennheiser consumer headphones

Network Media Systems (NMS) let us know, that as of Aug. 1 they are the official distribution of Sennheiser Consumer headphones in the Benelux.


Bassocontinuo presents Argo X

The new Argo X rack from Bassocontinuo provides a great place for your high-end hi-fi equipment.


‘CD is the best successor to vinyl’

The co-founder of Ableton – Robert Henke – has seen the light: he thinks CD is an excellent successor to vinyl.


Cleaning LPs: distilled water and fingers

Sometimes you come across some pretty nice tips here or there on the Internet. Take the one from seasoned Steve Guttenberg regarding cleaning LPs. Saves a lot of money!