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Nieuws - Amplifiers

Dan D’Agostino

News from Dan D’Agostino

Dan D’Agostino has good and – for European customers – bad news: including the announcement of a new M400 MxV and a price increase for all products.

Dan D’Agostino

Dan D’Agostino Momentum MxV

Dan D’Agostino presents two new amplifiers, the S250 MxV stereo amplifier and the M400 MxV monoblock.


Magnat MR 750 hybrid receiver

Magnat has released a new receiver. What makes it special is its a hybrid setup, using a mix of tubes and transistors.


Copland CSA70 integrated amplifier

Danish Copland has released the new CSA70 integrated amplifier, equipped with just about everything imaginable.


Chord presents Anni mini desktop integrated amplifier

Chord released its first-ever ‘desktop’ amplifier. The Anni is an absolute ‘mini’, nicely matching the other devices of the Qutest series.


NAD presents new C 399 amplifier

NAD has announced the new, modular, C 399 integrated amplifier, including a built-in ESS Sabre ES9028 DAC.


Purifi presents Pure Sound amplifier module

Purifi presents the one-channel Class D power amplifier module Pure Sound…top of the line for OEM manufacturers who want to go the extra mile

BC Acoustique

BC Acoustique EX-214 power amplifier

That an (integrated) amplifier does not have to cost you a fortune, proves the French BC Acoustique with the surprisingly affordable EX214.


Exposure presents 3510 integrated amplifier

British Exposure has released a new integrated amplifier. The 3510 is to be the first of a series of yet-to-be-released separate components from the manufacturer.


Luxman L-595A Special Edition Class A Amplifier

Luxman celebrates 95 years of audio-production. And it celebrates that happy fact with a very limited Special Edition L-595A fully analog amplifier.