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Nieuws - D/A Converters


Merason Frérot, compact DAC from Switzerland

Merason has released the Frérot, the little brother of the DAC-1 from the same brand. But make no mistake about the possibilities!


Schiit presents affordable Modius DAC

The new Schiit Modius DAC is not only affordable, but also has balanced outputs and some very nice specifications. Oh… yes: and a USB input.

Alpha Live Stream test withWeiss, Sonnet and Metrum Acoustics

We thought it was time for a fun, interactive test (again). Together with you – our lovely readers and viewers – we would like to compare three digital devices. Our main candidate is the fairly new Weiss DAC501 – which is a streamer, dac, pre-amp and headphone amplifier. Next to that we put the Sonnet […]

Audio Analogue

Audio Analogue presents AAdac

The Italian Audio Analogue has its PureAA series expanded with the AAdac, so you can now build a nice set.

Video Review Sonnet Morpheus DAC / Pre-amp

We had a special guest at the office! A new brand: Sonnet. We tested their very first product: the Morpheus dac / pre-amp. But to be fully honest: Sonnet is not really new. The front-man is Cees Ruijtenberg. And we know Cees from Metrum Acoustics. So… he has a long, long track record. Are you […]

Live DAC-test saturday 15 February 2020

On Saturday, February 15 from about 10:00 CET we will do a live dac-test at Alpha Audio HQ. No less than ten models will be discussed. And you – the reader / viewer – can watch live via Youtube!