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Nieuws - Headphone amplifiers


iFi Micro iDSD Signature portable DAC

With the new iFi Micro iDSD Signature you get not only a portable DAC, but also a headphone amplifier on the go… in your home.


Burson Soloist 3X headphone and preamplifier

Burson has released the Soloist 3X headphone and preamplifier, now the fourth generation of this device.


iFi Audio ZEN CAN: Class A headphone amplifier

iFi has released a new class A headphone amplifier, which is also nice and compact: the ZEN CAN.


SPL Phonitor SE headphone amplifier with or without DAC

SPL has the Phonitor SE headphone amplifier ready for you, where you can choose between a model with or a model without integrated DAC.


Violectric DHA V590 DAC, pre- and headphone amplifier

For anyone looking for a compact device that combines a DAC, pre- and headphone amplifier, there is the Violectric DHA V590.


iFi Zen Can, affordable headphone amplifier

iFi has released the Zen Can, a compact headphone amplifier that – always convenient – doesn’t force you to empty your bank account.

Meze Empyrean

Live Stream Multitest Headphones

This Friday – so 10-04-2020 – we will do a multi-test with headphones and headphone amplifiers. Maybe also a few DAP’s to make it even more interesting. This test will be performed live on our Youtube channel. Just subscribe to the channel to get an occasional notification when we’ve posted something new. But for this […]


iFi presents portable hip-dac

iFi has released a new portable DAC called hip-dac. Affordable and versatile in terms of specs.

RAAL Requisit

RAAL Requisit presents amplifier/DAC for ribbon headphones

In collaboration with Schiit-Audio, RAAL Requisit has developed a ‘dedicated’ amplifier especially for use in combination with ribbon headphones, or more specifically the SR1a.