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Nieuws - Integrated


Exposure presents 3510 integrated amplifier

British Exposure has released a new integrated amplifier. The 3510 is to be the first of a series of yet-to-be-released separate components from the manufacturer.


Luxman L-595A Special Edition Class A Amplifier

Luxman celebrates 95 years of audio-production. And it celebrates that happy fact with a very limited Special Edition L-595A fully analog amplifier.


NuPrime Omnia A300 streaming amplifier

NuPrime has released the Omnia A300, a nice compact combination of streamer, DAC and amplifier.


Copland presents top model CSA 150 integrated amplifier

The Danish manufacturer Copland has a new integrated amplifier in the form of the CSA 150 ready for you. Hybrid, equipped with tubes and semiconductors.

Burson Audio

Burson Audio presents Funk headphone amplifier

The new Burson Audio Funk is actually not only a headphone amplifier, because the device also effortlessly drives (efficiënt) speakers.


Advance presents A10 Classic with tube preamplifier

Advance Paris has chosen the new A10 Classic integrated amplifier with DAC for a tube based preamplifier, where old and new go hand in hand.

Live mass test ‘Tube Amps’ – November 29, 2020

The time has come again! We are going to do a ‘mega-test’: live on Youtube. This time: tube amps! And we’re going to do it right. So with the right speaker, right sources, right setup. We’re going to let those tubes shine! And to top it all off: if all goes well, we’ll complete the […]

Harman Kardon

Harman Kardon presents streaming Citation amplifier

The new Harman Kardon Citation Amp is a compact amplifier that effortlessly drives all kinds of speaker formats.


Rotel presents models in honour of Ken Ishiwata

Rotel released the A11 integrated amplifier and the CD11 CD player in a special version in memory of Ken Ishiswata. The master himself worked on it.


Marantz presents MODEL 30 series

Marantz has released the MODEL 30 integrated amplifier and SACD 30n network audio streamer and SACD player.