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Advance presents A10 Classic with tube preamplifier

Advance Paris has chosen the new A10 Classic integrated amplifier with DAC for a tube based preamplifier, where old and new go hand in hand.

Live mass test ‘Tube Amps’ – November 29, 2020

The time has come again! We are going to do a ‘mega-test’: live on Youtube. This time: tube amps! And we’re going to do it right. So with the right speaker, right sources, right setup. We’re going to let those tubes shine! And to top it all off: if all goes well, we’ll complete the […]

Harman Kardon

Harman Kardon presents streaming Citation amplifier

The new Harman Kardon Citation Amp is a compact amplifier that effortlessly drives all kinds of speaker formats.


Bryston presents new BR-20 preamplifier

Bryston’s new BR-20 is the preamplifier that has ‘everything’. It took Bryston years to develop. So it must be really special!


Vincent SV-737 hybrid amplifier with wireless extras

The Vincent SV-737 allows old and new techniques to merge on several levels. You will find some tubes in it, in any case.


Rotel presents models in honour of Ken Ishiwata

Rotel released the A11 integrated amplifier and the CD11 CD player in a special version in memory of Ken Ishiswata. The master himself worked on it.


Marantz presents MODEL 30 series

Marantz has released the MODEL 30 integrated amplifier and SACD 30n network audio streamer and SACD player.


Rotel Michi X5 and X3 integrated amplifiers

Rotel has released the Michi X5 and X3 integrated amplifiers, which obviously fit seamlessly into the beloved Michi series.

Live Mass-test amplifiers -2500 euro

Next Saturday – 22-08-2020 – we will – if all goes well – test eight amplifiers. Live on camera: with you! The amplifiers are in the price range of 2500 euro. Of course we also have some ‘strange’ models in the line-up. 


Mytek presents Brooklyn AMP+

The American company Mytek has released the new Brooklyn AMP+, the successor to the ‘regular’ AMP that will no longer be available from now on.