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Nieuws - Amplifiers


Leak returns with Stereo 130

After a break of 40 years the British Leak returns as a manufacturer of high-end audio equipment. The Stereo 130 is the first product.


Electrocompanite presents ECI-6D(X) MK2

The Norwegian Electrocompanite has released fully refurbished versions of the ECI-6D and ECI-6DX, now with the addition of MK2.

PS Audio

PS Audio Stellar M1200: tube to input, Class D output

PS Audio has released a new mono power amplifier. The Stellar M1200 has a tube-based input stage and a Class D power amplifier.


Cayin CS-150A tube amp for the ‘lonely evenings’

Well, that Cayin CS-150A also works perfectly fine on regular evenings ‘without solitude’, but it sounds better that way, doesn’t it?

Advance Paris

Advance Paris presents the X-i1100

Advance Paris has released the new X-i1100 amplifier, a stereo copy that puts up to 220 watts per channel on the clocks.


Airtight presents ATE-3011 phono preamplifier

Airtight has released a new phono preamplifier – based on tubes – the ATE-3011. High-end with a hefty price tag, but hey: you do have something special!


Rega releases wonderfully compact amplifier – io

The Rega io stands out first of all because of its compactness, but at the same time also because of its equally small – and therefore pleasant – price tag.

Dan D’Agostino

Dan D’Agostino releases Progression

The American high-end brand, Dan D’Agostino, presents a new ‘ultra high-end’ integrated amplifier in the form of the Progression.


Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 integrated streamer amplifier

The new Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 integrated amplifier has extensive streaming capabilities, so you can go in any direction you prefer.


Dynavox TV-50: amplifier for television

The German Dynavox has released a new compact power amplifier. The TV-50 is intended for TV applications, but can also be used more widely.