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Amazon Prime Video provides intelligibility

Amazon Prime Video provides intelligibility

Do you ever have trouble following dialogue in movies? Then Amazon Prime Video would like to help you out with Dialog Boost.

Do you have a subscription to video streamer Amazon Prime Video and having hearing problems? Or do you have trouble understanding foreign language dialogues, which are often drowned out by a sea of background noise? Then Dialogue Boost may be the solution for you. It’s a technique ensuring that spoken word is reproduced more clearly. Artificial intelligence is used on the server side for it to work. Is this trick something for you? A matter of trying it out, we would say! Although the number of series in which the technique works is still very limited. Currently you can check out Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (series) and The Big Sick (movie), among others. In those, click the subtitle/audio button and select one of the audio tracks where Dialogue Boost is also listed (low, mid and high variants are available). After selection, the voices should then stand out more. It does not require any special equipment; it should work on any playback device.