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Denafrips Ares II

Review Denafrips Ares II d/a converter

It doesn’t happen often that we test products that don’t have a European distributor. But this time our curiosity got the upper hand. We also immediately admit that we have read a lot about this device, and that for once we do not go into this review completely blind. Nevertheless, we are convinced that we […]

Sonos ARC soundbar

Review Sonos ARC soundbar

Sonos has a reputation to uphold when it comes to ease of use, design and sound quality. The first Sonos zoneplayers set the ‘industry standard’ in terms of ease of installation and possibilities to easily play music from online sources. Now we have left more than fifteen years – and about three generations – behind […]

Russel K Black 50

Review Russell K Black 50 bookshelf speaker

A few years ago we walked around at the X-FI fair in Veldhoven, Netherlands, and somewhere in the late afternoon we entered the room, hired by ‘Very Fine Solutions’. Owner Frank Vermeylen greeted us enthusiastically and introduced us to Russell Kauffman, founder and designer of the now much appreciated Russell K loudspeaker brand. It was […]

Review Primare R35 phono pre-amp

Vinyl has been hot for a couple of years now and it will stay that way for a while (we guess). But if you thought you were finished with a nice turntable, then you should definitely read through. Welcome to the world of phono preamplifiers. We are testing the reference model of the Swedish Primare: […]

Yamaha A-S2200

Review Yamaha A-S2200 integrated amplifier

The purpose of a hi-fi system is – quite simply explained – to amplify the source and convert it from electric currents to vibrations in air. And that without adjusting the recording and characteristic of the sound. Colour, imaging, timing… everything must remain intact. If there’s one manufacturer on this planet that should be able […]

Video – A view on and unboxing of Sonos ARC soundbar

Recently Sonos introduced the new ARC soundbar. The ARC – the successor of the Playbar – is an Atmos compatible soundbar. What it exactly is capable of and what kind of connectivity it offers, we discuss in the video

Review Meraki MS220-8P switch – with music samples

Networking remains a hot topic. And that’s not odd, because how is it possible that differences between switches can be heard? It’s all package based audio. Of course we have already done some research on that. And no, it’s not corrupted data. Our theory is common mode noise entering the hi-fi equipment via the network. […]

Wharfedale Linton Heritage

Review Wharfedale Linton Heritage monitor speaker

The British (what else could it be?) Wharfedale is a true icon in the world of hifi audio. They have been manufacturing loudspeakers since 1932, which comes down to almost 90 years (at the time of writing). Not many manufacturers can say that. The ‘big boys’ usually celebrate their 45th or 50th birthday. Wharfedale is […]

Q acoustics 3030i

Review Q Acoustics 3030i monitor loudspeaker

A while ago we tested the Q Acoustics 3050i floorstanding speaker, a nice introduction to the young British Q Acoustics. When we heard that a new monitor was added to the 3000 series, we immediately requested a test sample. And so now a pair of Arctic White Q Acoustics 3030i is playing in our listening […]

Live Stream Replay – Streamers: Sonos – Bluesound – Yamaha – Metrum

Streamers have become a standard source in many high-quality audio systems. This is not surprising, given that all major brands have had a streamer in their range for more than five years. Sonos even around fifteen years. In short: streamers are now mature sources. We are curious about the current status of the hardware. After […]