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Multitest integrated amplifiers – 2500 Euro – Which is the best (for you)?

On Sunday, November 27, 2022, we held a large, comparative test of amplifiers in the price range around 2,500 euros. A popular class. In the 3.5-hour livestream, we were able to hear particularly well what the differences are in this price range. And it’s not subtle!

Mark Levinson 5805

Review Mark Levinson 5805 integrated amplifier – Full body

Mark Levinson … A brand with a very rich history. And a brand that makes many an enthusiast’s mouth drool. Think of the No.33 power amplifiers. Or the new ML-50 in honor of the 50th anniversary. We slow down a bit with the No 5805 integrated amplifier. Although that’s still 11,500 Euro… so… a lot […]

Review Auralic Aries G1.1 streamer – Complete and coherent

Auralic is a very well known name in the world of streaming audio. And it’s definately deserved: they make very nice gear that has proven itself by now. The entire series is logical and well put together, making it possible to enter the world of streaming audio at a reasonable level, or build a full-blown […]

Kora TB140

Review Kora TB140 integrated amplifier – Absolute beauty

Ever heard of the French brand Kora? Neither did we until recently but we suspect that this will soon change enough. Dutch distributor Dimex has had Kora in its portfolio for a while now and we see the brand appearing more and more often. Kora has been around for a while but after 2014 it […]

ASR Emitter 1

Review ASR Emitter 1 amplifier – Bizarre buffers

There are review products that you sometimes have to wait for. Or that suddenly resurface after years. In this case, it’s the ASR Emitter 1 that we suddenly have to think about again. We once heard it playing at the Gydotron audio show in Belgium. Your author remembers well that that system was playing particularly […]

Review Atoll ST300 streamer and Atoll AM300 power amplifier

Atoll Electronique from Brecey, France, has gained a foothold in Holland and Belgium in recent years. Not least because of importer Viertron who, without exception, makes available every device in their catalog. This time we even received two devices. But we mainly focused on the Atoll ST300 streamer – 3000 Euro – because in addition […]

Live stream review – ROON – Audirvana – Foobar – JRiver

On Sunday, Oct. 23, we hosted a livestream in our Alpha Audio listening room. This time we juxtaposed audio software. As a baseline, we used Windows Media Player and consequently listened to Audirvana, ROON, JRiver and Foobar. The latter application is free, the other three are not. Finally, we also hooked up a Macbook Pro so […]

Primare NP5 Prism MK2 – small powerhouse

This is the second version of Primare’s music streamer. The Primare NP5 is a streamer only, with no DAC. The fire at AKM’s factory in Japan forced Primare to find another supplier for the re-clocking chip. This new version is the result of that search.

Sennheiser Momentum 4

The new, fourth version of the Sennheiser Momentum just been released. Time to take a closer look. Before we started writing, we’ve had it for about a week. Do we like the over-ear with its many features?

Draide Flow Reference 808

Review Driade Flow Reference 808 speaker cable – The Flow Master

That speaker cables make a difference, we have now proven in two major tests – here and here – with measurements. In short: if you are not yet convinced: read those stories. We can now move on to a new product made by – for us – the now well-known brand Driade: the Flow Reference […]