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Isotek Aquarius V5

Review Isotek Aquarius V5 – central powerhouse

As most Alpha Audio readers will know by now, we are currently busy developing a test to objectively identify the qualities of a power conditioner. This will not happen overnight, but the start has been made. Of course, we will not stop with the (partly) subjective mapping of our findings. And the candidate in this […]

Live Review Wireless Speakers – Buchardt – System Audio – Devialet – KAD

We wanted to start this year nicely. And we estimate that we have succeeded with that in the form of a Live Stream with wireless speakers. Four top-notch speakers that show and prove that wireless audio performs excellently nowadays. Partly thanks to advanced wifi techniques and / or Wisa. In this livestream we have listened […]

Multitest – the best dac for 1000 euros!

Virtually all sources are digital. And this has been the case for some time now. To convert this digital signal to a somewhat more pleasant signal for our ears – analogue – a d/a converter is needed: a digital to analogue converter. Now a dac is basically just a chip. But more is needed to […]

Review Ricable Magnus cabling: High Class!

Audiophiles are a breed apart but you already knew that. We are always looking for better, larger and more expensive until finally, some of us anyway, we see the light and realize that it is really all about the music and not about some exotic speaker cable. Now this may seem like a strange way […]

Soundastic Reference amplifier

Review Soundastic Reference integrated amplifier

We received a request from an unexpected source to listen to an amplifier. The Polish Soundastic emailed us to be exact. After a brief look at their website we decide that the company and the product are interesting enough to take a look at. We take a look at the Soundastic Reference integrated amplifier.

Teufel Definion 3F

Review Teufel Definion 3F – Coaxial correctness

Teufel we know mainly from the entry level products. Think of the very competitively priced Ultima 40. However – as we have already shown with the Raumfeld series – they also have interesting mid-range products. Consider the Teufel Definion 3F. A substantial floorstander with striking qualities.

Review Final Model 12 – Ultimate Insight

The Dutch speaker producer Final is back. And how! Of course, the company still makes electrostats – in Veldhoven to be exact – and there are still hybrid models as well as full range panels. But they have looked at the whole concept and improved every element of their electrostatic speakers. We test the (sort […]

Mutec REF10-120

Review Mutec REF10-SE120 – The FlowMaster

A short time ago we looked at and listened to the Mutec REF10. That was a complete revelation. A kind of reprogramming of our audio brain. Helios was kind enough to also send us the Mutec REF10-SE120. The more luxurious brother of the REF10… same box, same outputs… different clock crystal. Can it really get […]

PliXir BAC3000

Review PliXir BAC3000 power conditioner – clean laundry!

We got ourselves into a bit of a pickle with the multitest of power conditioners. There are – despite the obvious differences in the live multitest – still quite a few skeptics. Partly for this reason, we recently purchased a complete measurement setup. That way we can – if possible – actually show things. In […]

Elac Uni-Fi Reference UBR62

Review Elac Uni-Fi Reference UBR62 bookshelf – Three’s a charm?

Every speaker is different. Believe us we know. We have tested dozens of them and they all sound different. And that, of course, is what makes this hobby so fascinating. Sure, anyone can put a tweeter and a woofer in a cabinet, but whether the music will touch you… that question still remains. Whether the […]