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Musical Series – The voice – Part 2

We all possess an instrument: our voice. I know of no other instrument with which you can evoke as many diverse emotions as a voice. A voice can scare you, but it can also enchant you.

Moonriver Audio 404

Review Moonriver Audio 404 integrated amplifier

Today we have something special for you on the test bench because although we like to test the big brands, we are at least as happy to work with an unknown brand. A young company that brings out an exciting, new product is something we can always relate to. Today we take you to Malmö […]

Review Naim 500 series with Kudos Titan 606

There are systems that just only really work when it is set up in a certain ecosystem. Now that we think about it, this applies to quite a few systems. But if one stands out, it’s Naim. Right… that stubborn British brand. With DIN cables, separate power supplies and the left and right speaker connections […]

Review Matrix Audio Mini i-pro 3

In recent years we have seen quite a few Chinese brands appear on the European market, some of which are already receiving support from Dutch importers. Only a handful are really worth spending our precious time on and today the honor goes to Matrix Audio, a young company from Xi’an that was started in 2013 […]

Review Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grand Reference

It’s quite a mouthful: Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grand Reference. But then again: we are talking about a serious speaker here. Now Austria – yes, Vienna Acoustics comes from Vienna, of course – is also a very serious country. And Vienna is a city with a lot of musical history. So not entirely surprisingly, the […]

Review Ferrum Hypsos Power Supply

Within our little audio world, it is now well recognized that the power supply is very, very important. In fact: it is the basis of any device. Whether it’s an amplifier, or a source. In the end: music is modulated energy. And that energy comes from the power supply. The cleaner that supply, the more […]

Musical Series – Sunday morning music – Part 1

The first article in a series, at least that is the intention. Readers of this website have, I assume, chosen their equipment with care, in search of sound that can enrapture them. As a music omnivore, I listen to everything, but I grew up with a preference for classical music. In this series, I hope […]


Review Gato DIA-250S integrated amplifier – DAC

We recently had the Gato AMP-150 on Alpha-Audio’s test bench. We were very impressed with this beautiful amplifier. From the same brand we now have the GATO DIA-250S; an integrated amplifier with DAC. We’re curious to see how it performs, are you?

Multitest – The best switch for streaming audio

Data is data… A 1 is a 1 and a 0 is a 0. Right as rain. So why are we testing network switches? They don’t make data errors, do they? After all, there are ancient protocols for data transmission. Protocols that have proven themselves for decades. True too… But there are more factors that […]

Review Taylor Swift: Evermore

If there was one positive element to pick up this past, bizarre period then perhaps it was that people had a little more time for themselves and for others. Although an abundance of time is not optimal for everyone, it certainly gave a creative impulse to many artists