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Meridian DSP5200SE

Review Meridian DSP5200 SE – Active minimalism

If there’s one company high on the lists of being innovative in the digital field, it’s Meridian. The ‘father’ of the brand – Bob Stuart – has many innovations to his name. Now we’re not going to talk about MQA. If we look beyond that (somewhat controversial) format, we see for example also MLP: the […]

Review Kaempfer Audio Design K7 active speakers

The KAD K7 are active speakers from the Netherlands. You can hear them in our livestream about active systems. They stood out in the livestream for the realistic reproduction of voices and the stability of the stereo image. Now let’s take a closer look!

Review System Audio 5.2 silverback – Buchardt A500 – New Age Audio

What do wireless speakers with built-in amplifiers and Digital Signal Processing have to offer listeners? After the livestream on January 9, 2022, it’s time for a review. Not one, but two speakers in a comparison. Although they share the same hardware platform, they sound completely different! We take a look at the Buchardt Audio A500 […]

Live Review Wireless Speakers – Buchardt – System Audio – Devialet – KAD

We wanted to start this year nicely. And we estimate that we have succeeded with that in the form of a Live Stream with wireless speakers. Four top-notch speakers that show and prove that wireless audio performs excellently nowadays. Partly thanks to advanced wifi techniques and / or Wisa. In this livestream we have listened […]

Review Elac Navis ARB-51 – A very active speaker!

A complete and very musical system for about 2500 euros? Impossible, right? Well… no. Those who orient themselves in the world of active speakers, know that there are gems for sale. And who chooses active, is often ready to rock with just one source. In this case: you can think of a set of Elac […]

Triple Test – Grimm LS1a – ATC SCM40A – Dutch & Dutch 8C

On Sunday, March 28, 2021, we held another Live Test in the Artone Studios. We had three active speakers play: the Grimm LS1a, ATC SCM40A and the Dutch & Dutch 8C. Yes indeed: a familiar trio. But with one big difference: the prices are the same this time. How do they compare this time?

Nubert X-4000

Review Nubert X-4000 RC (NuPro)

We have some nice stuff from Germany. Again. And they are – again – from Nubert. This brand is also fully committed to active loudspeakers and they have again added their own twist, pardon Schwung to it with the Nubert X-4000 RC active monitor speaker. We’re going to check them out!

Triple Test high-end Studio monitors – with samples and video

On Sunday November 1st 2020 we tested (Live on Youtube) three beautiful studio monitors. Speakers primarily for the studio. But in fact also very suitable for the living room. We are talking about the Dutch & Dutch 8C – 12,500 euros – ATC SCM100A SL classic – 22,950 – and the Grimm LS1be – 36,000 […]

Overzicht actieve monitors - multitest

Multitest Active Monitor Speakers (with video)

It’s almost like vinyl versus streaming: active and passive loudspeakers. Active speakers kill the hobby, many fans believe. But on the other hand: active offers a lot of value for money. Everything is matched. And that has many advantages. We put five completely different active monitor speakers side by side: PSI, Yamaha, Behringer, HEDD and […]

DALI Rubicon 2C

Review Dali Rubicon 2C

At the iEar 2019 we were already introduced to the active Dali Rubicon 2C aka the active Rubicons. It was a showstopper indeed. HOW can that much sound pressure come from those little cabinets? The wow factor is definitely high. Does a good first impression also lead to a good review? Please read on!