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Merason Audio POW1

Merason Audio Pow1 linear power supply – Power to the People

A while back we tested the Merason Audio Frérot d/a converter and liked it so much that we have since purchased it as a reference. It sounds excellent, is nicely made, and colors less than the Denafrips Ares II. Meanwhile, there is an optional power supply available that should take the Frérot to an even […]

Audioquest Jitterbug FMJ

Review Audioquest Jitterbug FMJ

The USB interface is extremely useful. It is a universal interface, which means that all types of data can be sent over this bus. Audio is implemented in the protocol, for example. PCM is standard, DSD can be done. In any case, via DoP. But we have already written a lot about that. Now we […]


Review Audioquest Water, Diamond, Monsoon and Powerquest 3

What do cables actually do to a system? That is the question we are trying to answer for you today. We’ve done comparative tests before but this time we’re going to explore what adding a whole bunch of cables in a set does to the reproduction quality. To organize all this we got the help […]

Review Ferrum Hypsos Power Supply

Within our little audio world, it is now well recognized that the power supply is very, very important. In fact: it is the basis of any device. Whether it’s an amplifier, or a source. In the end: music is modulated energy. And that energy comes from the power supply. The cleaner that supply, the more […]

Live Stream Replay – Multitest Power Conditioners

This friday morning we tested four power filters: the Niagara 3000, the Shunyata Delta 6, the Torus Power TOT Max and as a baseline the Kemp Powerstrip 8 Plus. During the review we set up our microphones again, so you can listen in. Grab your headphones and watch this live stream (again) if you like. 

Audioquest Niagara 1200

Review Audioquest Niagara 1200

With the arrival of Garth Powell, Audioquest is full of energy. Bad joke… But of course, they’ve always had mains cables. But not only has this cable line been thoroughly revised by Garth – resulting in a much better sound – filters have also been added. We’re listening to the new Niagara 1200. The entrant of this line

Telos Marco Q

Review Telos Macro Q USB Noise Canceller

That the USB signal from your computer is not ideal for (bit)perfect digital audio may now be known. Galvanized power supplies, signal shielding and other interference suppressing measures are the designated pesticides against the jitter sample. Telos from Taiwan adds the Macro Q Active Noise Canceler. Does this one keep his promises?

Syntaxx dual PSU

Review Syntaxx bi-volt power supply

If you have one device to power, there are alternatives that may be more interesting. The Farad Super3 just sounds a little bit better to us. But yes: relatively more expensive (per output) and multiple boxes… So on a practical level, Syntaxx wins.

Audioquest Niagara 5000

Review Audioquest Niagara 5000 power conditioner

We live in a time of LED lighting, switching power supplies and more and more electrical appliances. This has consequences for good hi-fi systems. Chances are that they don’t sound as good as they could. The Audioquest Niagara 5000 has room for twelve devices: eight sources and four amplifiers. That’s a lot. More than many a lover will need. Compared to ‘directly in the wall’ we hear considerably more tranquility. And so more music. It is just better to follow. In terms of sound, we hear an open sound image in our set. Compared to the Kemp, the middle is more prominent. That’s not worse or better: it’s a matter of match and taste.

Overzicht voedingen voedingetest

Multitest external 12-volt power supplies

What an interesting test! We were able to put five top products side by side. Both affordable and pricy stuff. We were also able to see on a measuring bench what they are technically capable of. Does the best measuring power supply sound the best? Well… in this case it does.