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Multitest plug in filters – ten plug in filters – measurements and blind test

Do those ‘plug-in’ filters really do anything? That is the question we want to answer in this big test of ten ‘filters’. You know them; those plug-in plugs…. plug and play ‘junk cleaners’…. Right? We have samples from Furutech, Ansuz, Akiko, Kemp, Isotek, IFI and NordOst. A fine cross-section of the market, we think. And […]

Xindak XF-2000ES

Xindak XF-2000ES Power Conditioner

The Xindak XF-2000ES is a favorably priced power conditioner in a compact housing. Can we consider the filter a bargain or is the performance in line with the asking price? We’ll find out for you.

Isotek Aquarius V5

Review Isotek Aquarius V5 – central powerhouse

As most Alpha Audio readers will know by now, we are currently busy developing a test to objectively identify the qualities of a power conditioner. This will not happen overnight, but the start has been made. Of course, we will not stop with the (partly) subjective mapping of our findings. And the candidate in this […]

PliXir BAC3000

Review PliXir BAC3000 power conditioner – clean laundry!

We got ourselves into a bit of a pickle with the multitest of power conditioners. There are – despite the obvious differences in the live multitest – still quite a few skeptics. Partly for this reason, we recently purchased a complete measurement setup. That way we can – if possible – actually show things. In […]

Live Stream test – Power conditioners – YETI, Isol-8, PliXir, Isotek

On Sunday, November 28, 2021, we listened to four beautiful power conditioners (Live): the YETI Reference, Isol-8 HC, PliXir Elite BAC 3000 and the Isotek Titan V5. You could again watch te stream; it’s embedded in this review. We started the test with a cable directly into the wall. Then we started listening to the […]

Review IsoTek Titan V5 – Titanic Power

When a manufacturer calls its energy conditioner The Titan, the message is pretty clear, we think. This is a beast. A brute to which you can attach brutal gear. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do with this IsoTek Titan V5. The fourth… huh?… generation of the IsoTek Titan

Merason Audio POW1

Merason Audio Pow1 linear power supply – Power to the People

A while back we tested the Merason Audio Frérot d/a converter and liked it so much that we have since purchased it as a reference. It sounds excellent, is nicely made, and colors less than the Denafrips Ares II. Meanwhile, there is an optional power supply available that should take the Frérot to an even […]

Audioquest Jitterbug FMJ

Review Audioquest Jitterbug FMJ

The USB interface is extremely useful. It is a universal interface, which means that all types of data can be sent over this bus. Audio is implemented in the protocol, for example. PCM is standard, DSD can be done. In any case, via DoP. But we have already written a lot about that. Now we […]


Review Audioquest Water, Diamond, Monsoon and Powerquest 3

What do cables actually do to a system? That is the question we are trying to answer for you today. We’ve done comparative tests before but this time we’re going to explore what adding a whole bunch of cables in a set does to the reproduction quality. To organize all this we got the help […]

Review Ferrum Hypsos Power Supply

Within our little audio world, it is now well recognized that the power supply is very, very important. In fact: it is the basis of any device. Whether it’s an amplifier, or a source. In the end: music is modulated energy. And that energy comes from the power supply. The cleaner that supply, the more […]