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Review Technics SB-G90 floorstanding speaker

Technics we all know from the iconic SL-1200 record player. A model that was introduced in 1972 and is still being manufactured today. Although, of course, there have been design changes. But did you know that the Japanese Technics – part of Panasonic – also has speakers in its product range? Perhaps you did, but […]

Review Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grand Reference

It’s quite a mouthful: Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grand Reference. But then again: we are talking about a serious speaker here. Now Austria – yes, Vienna Acoustics comes from Vienna, of course – is also a very serious country. And Vienna is a city with a lot of musical history. So not entirely surprisingly, the […]

Acoustic Energy AE509

Review Acoustic Energy AE509 floorstanders

After testing countless bookshelves, we had a couple of floorstanders come over to our Belgium editor. And we’re not sad about that. The Dutch importor of Acoustic Energy, Viertron, wanted to send us a pair of Acoustic Energy AE509. Within two weeks a couple of satin white floorstanders landed directly from the factory in Cirencester. […]

Elac FS407

The best floor standing speaker for 4000 euros

On December 13th and 20th, we tested a total of eight floorstanding speakers at Alpha. Live on Youtube. With live music. It was a great experience to do that. And it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the participants, the band, the entire team behind the streams and you as the viewer! For […]

Gauder Akustik Arcona 100 MK2

Review Gauder Akustik Arcona 100 loudspeaker

Gauder Akustik is a German speaker manufacturer. We visited the factory at the end of last year to take a look at the production and development of these special loudspeakers. Now we have one of the floorstanders in our listening room: the Gauder Akustik Arcona 100 MK2

Definitive Technology D15

Review Definitive Technology D15 loudspeaker

Definitive Technology is not exactly a speaker brand that comes to mind when we ask you to list a top five speaker brands. The American brand was founded in 1990 and is still in private hands. By the way, they are part of Sound United. And that now ensures that it is also delivered in […]

Definitive Technology D15

Video Definitive Technology D15 floor standing speaker

A while back we did a multitest of bookshelves. Including a live stream. That was a lot of fun. Especially with the feedback from you. In this test we also tested the cute Definitive Technology D7. And that turns out to be a very good speaker. Now we have the big brother: the Definitive Technology […]

Audio Physic Classic 5

Review Audio Physic Classic 5 speaker

No loss of fine detail is the slogan with which Audio Physic shows itself and we can agree. Although the modest Classic 5 not is overly detailed, it plays every song nicely. It is a speaker that provides a lot of listening pleasure. Because of its solid construction and quality materials we can speak of a high price/quality ratio. If you like a fast, open sound then Audio Physic is definitely a brand to get acquainted with.

Monitor Audio Silver 300

Review Monitor Audio Silver 300

The Monitor Audio Silver 300 is a fine loudspeaker that you will enjoy. One that does not take itself too seriously. It is an elegant, affordable three-way speaker. It is constructed from quality materials and beautifully finished. The sound doesn’t emphasize anything and has a pure signature. Its fast reproduction makes it ideal for pop and electronic music. But vocal work also comes into its own. A versatile loudspeaker that doesn’t break the bank.