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Archives: Reviews - Floor standing

Review Dynaudio Emit 50 floor stand – roaring giant

Recently, your author had the Dynaudio Emit 10 at home. And it was a delightful experience. The Emit 10 plays remarkably complete and is easy to place and drive. Now it’s time for its bigger brother…. well… brother… it’s more like a giant. The Emit 50 is big. Very big. But as you know, dimensions […]

Review TAD Evolution 2 floorstanding speaker – competition killer

There are reviews that change your perception of your hobby and everything around it. They are products that pry your ‘ow so safe’ anchor points loose and leave you floating for a moment. Lost. It’s frustrating at times, but it also forces you to keep going. To pick yourself up and improve. Away with the […]

Review Diptyque DP107 speaker – Magnetic

People sometimes say that the Dutch are stubborn (and direct, and boorish… but that’s another discussion). But what about the French? According to your editor, French people are even more stubborn. They take a different approach to practically everything. And they are often convinced that they are right. This cán be very annoying, but often […]

Acoustic Energy AE109-2

Review Acoustic Energy AE109² – Festival at home

Enthusiasts come in all shapes and sizes. This means that amplifiers, streamers, cables and speakers come in all shapes, sizes and prices. Perfect, because a hobby should be fun for all of us. Acoustic Energy is a brand that also has interesting stuff for ‘the common man’. Today we have the smallest floorstander in front […]

Teufel Definion 3F

Review Teufel Definion 3F – Coaxial correctness

Teufel we know mainly from the entry level products. Think of the very competitively priced Ultima 40. However – as we have already shown with the Raumfeld series – they also have interesting mid-range products. Consider the Teufel Definion 3F. A substantial floorstander with striking qualities.

Review Final Model 12 – Ultimate Insight

The Dutch speaker producer Final is back. And how! Of course, the company still makes electrostats – in Veldhoven to be exact – and there are still hybrid models as well as full range panels. But they have looked at the whole concept and improved every element of their electrostatic speakers. We test the (sort […]

Revel 226Be

Review Revel Performa F226Be – inimitable neutral

The Swiss are known for their neutral stance in world (politics). And in a way that is also visible in their products. Everything works with extreme precision. When we think of America, we think of big and heavy. And somewhat ungainly. Also in sound when we talk about audio. At Revel, we now know that […]

Review Final model 5 hybrid – transparency at its best

Electrostatic speakers have always captured the imagination. A transparent panel with crystal clear sound coming out of it; that’s just crazy when you hear and see it for the first time. Also, the presentation is completely different because it is a dipole speaker. In other words, it radiates forwards and backwards. In short: everything is […]

Review Driade Model 3S – The ‘S’ of Serious

We’ve experienced the Driade Mode 2 before. In our live test of floorstanders to be exact. And there the two-way speaker made a deep impression in terms of coherence and rhythm. Now that we’re looking for a new reference speaker, Driade suggested we take a listen to the Driade Model 3S…. Which should offer even […]

Review Wharfedale Evo 4.3 floor stand – budget-friendly Musical Masterclass

What do you do when you go from a medium sizes, 25m2 living room to a pretty large, 60m2 one? Right! You get some new speakers. The trusty Bowers & Wilkins 686s1 bookshelf speakers are not enough to fill the new space and will have to make way, but for what? The most important criteria […]