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Archives: Reviews - Headphone amplifiers

NAIM Uniti Headphone Edition

Review Naim Uniti HE – Atom Headphone Edition – Head First

Personal audio has been on the rise for a while. Witness the many high-end ‘cans’ that have appeared on the market in recent years. Because every headphone is constructed differently and has different impedances, more and more ‘dedicated’ headphone amplifiers are seeing the light of day. You can find them for a few hundred euros […]

Violectric DHA 590

Review Violectric DHA V590 headphone amp – pre-amp – dac

A never-ending quest for the ideal audio device is what the English so eloquenty call ‘the agony and the ecstacy’. What if we had a preamplifier that could also be used as a stand alone DAC? And that also has analog inputs? Balanced and a single ended topology? And last but not least, a premium […]

Neve Fidelice

Review Rupert Neve Designs Fidelice Precision DAC

Rupert Neve is an icon with his roots in the studio world. Most Neve mixing desks have his Characteristic signature on the product. And they can be found in the world’s best studios. Until recently, Neve’s products were exclusively intended for the professional market. The Fidelice series should change that. We are testing Rupert Neve […]

Weiss DAC501

Review Weiss DAC501 converter – streamer – preamp

Daniel Weiss is a well known name in the studio world. With its beautiful AD converters – for Sony and others – for studio use, Weiss has acquired a strong position in the years that digital audio just emerged in the studio world. Many more converters were added later on. Think of the DAC2, DAC202… […]

Zorloo Ztella

Review Zorloo Ztella usb-c dac

Music on the go: Who doesn’t want it? Well: what do we almost always carry with us? Exactly. Our phone. Unfortunately, it’s a fact that most phones just sound crap. Now we can all use a Dragonfly Cobalt, but not everyone has 299 euros to spend. If you still want to boost the quality, Zorloo […]

Burson Audio Conductor V3

Review Burson Audio Conductor V3

The Burson Conductor V3 makes every headphone sound good. So good that he is actually not suitable as a test instrument because he does not expose the weaknesses of headphones, but compensates them so that they do what they have to do; convey music and emotion.

Mytek Brooklyn Bridge

Review Mytek Brooklyn Bridge

If we compare the Mytek Manhattan II with the Brooklyn Bridge, differences will reveal themselves. On all points the Manhattan scores higher. There is more blackness and depth in the sound because the noise floor of the Manhattan is lower.

Hifiman Jade 2

Review Hifiman Jade 2 headphones and headphone amplifier

The Hifiman Jade II headphones are so light you won’t feel them anymore. When we turned on the music, our first impression was that speakers were playing.

Benchmark HPA4

Review Benchmark HPA4 headphone amplifier

And Benchmark claims that their amplifier technology ensures that there’s always a match. Enter the Benchmark HPA4 headphone amplifier.

dCS Bartok

Review dCS Bartok streamer – headphone amp

What a machine. Of course, we have highlights in our testing career. But sometimes a product surpasses a highlight. It’s just special. The dCS Bartok takes the music experience to a completely different level. Without a doubt an Alpha Approved. Top notch product