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Sony WF-1000xm4

Review Sony WF-1000xM4 in-ear – sleek and silent

We are not yet being bombarded to death with wireless in-ears and on-ears and over-ears. Every manufacturer has a pair. Not to mention the brands from Asia. Who makes the best pair of calming in-ears? That’s a good question. The fact is that Sony is almost always mentioned when it comes to high-performing in-ears with […]

Review Nothing Ear(1) in-ears – Silence Please

A fact of life in this society is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find silence. The world is getting busier and with that we also have to deal directly with noise pollution. Although that could also be due to humanity becoming less and less tolerant. However, that is another story. We are now […]

Sennheiser IE 900

Review Sennheiser IE 900 high-end in-ear

When Sennheiser comes out with a new reference in-ear, we have to have a taste. Surely they are the reference in the market when it comes to personal audio. Just look at the HD600, HD800 and the HE-1 to name a few. These are all models where others are being compared to. In short: We […]

Teufel Airy True Wireless

Review Teufel Airy True Wireless in-ears

Apple has opened a complete new market with the original Apple Airpods. Yes… Those white rods that now dominate the streets. And with good reason: they’re damn fine. No wires, great playtime, and they sound… actually quite nice. But then that price: 199 or even 259 euros for a set. Teufel thought that it could […]

Astell Kern SA700 AKT9iE

Video – Review Astell&Kern SA700 – AK T9iE

Astell&Kern – part of iRiver – has been manufacturing countless players and other accessories for personal audio for about seven years now. The first model was the AK100. And although the AK100 was not a resounding success, the AK120 already made up for a lot and the models that followed. And they put AK on […]

Live Stream Replay – Multi-Test Headphones

On Friday April 10th 2020 we held a live stream of almost four hours during which we discussed twelve headphones. We showed measurements and demonstrated to you – via a modified version of Harriëtte – how they perform. And for those of you who want an overview: here you are! Let’s have a look at […]

Final Audio B1 en B3

Review Final Audio B1 and B3 in-ear headphones

The B-series of finals is for connoisseurs and for those who want a nice looking set of in-ears. Both the B1 and B3 are unmistakably high end; they unravel details in the music and let us enjoy the music. And they look beautiful, because the eye wants something too. This B-series can compete with in-ears that have a much higher price tag and often look a lot more like ordinary ‘ears’. The choice for the B1 or B3 (we haven’t tested the B2) is up to you. They are nuances but important nuances that make the difference. Are you looking for something special, do you want to be surprised by what ear monitors can do, go to the dealer and try this jewelry for the ear!


Review Soundmagic E11BT

Soundmagic has launched a very good bluetooth on the market for less than 80 euros. Whether it is calling, music, movies or battery expensive, the E11BT scores very well on everything. However, the Soundmagic E11BT is only available through the Soundmagic webshop.