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Lejonklou Baozu

Review Lejonklou Baozu integrated amplifier

Over the past few months, a lot of fine integrated amplifiers have visited you editor. Think of the Rega Aethos, Moonriver Audio 404, Naim Nait XS3, Hegel H120, Denon PMA A-110, Marantz Model 30 and Yamaha A-S2200 to name a few. (Re)read our reviews for sure because they are all great amplifiers in the 3000 […]

Technics SU-R1000

Review Technics SU-R1000 integrated amplifier

We know Technics primarily for the SL1200 record player. But connoisseurs know that Technics makes much more than that. Think speakers and of course: amplifiers. Every year – except in the recent Covid years – we step into the Panasonic / Technics room at High End Munich. Purely to see what technical ingenuity has come […]

Review Cambridge Audio CXA61 integrated amplifier

In the price range around 1000 euros for an integrated amplifier with d / a converter, the competition is killing. A manufacturer must really go all out to compete. The product must be versatile, sound just right and be competing in terms of pricing. Tricky. How does the Cambridge Audio CXA61 perform in this class?

Rotel Michi X3

Review Michi X3 integrated amplifier

Michi: ever since this Premium line-up from the Japanese company Rotel has been making new products again, we are always eager when a review copy comes hopping into Alpha-Audio’s test room. Although, hopping… This integrated amplifier weighs no less than 30 kilos so it was quite a haul. The Rotel Michi X3 is Michi’s entry […]

Pass Labs INT-25

Review Pass Labs INT-25 integrated amplifier

With three single ended inputs and 25 watts of power, this Pass Labs won’t immediately rise to the top of anyone mind who is looking for great ‘specs’. But power says nothing, we know at Alpha Audio. One 25-watt model is not like another. And at Pass Labs… well… you know… read on

Live Multitest integrated amplifiers 1200 – 1500 euros

On Sunday, February 28, 2021, we did another Live test. This time with integrated amplifiers between 1200 and 1500 euros. As usual we wrote to all manufacturers that are in our system with a model that would fit in this test. Unfortunately there is a worldwide shortage of parts – especially chips – which makes […]

Moonriver Audio 404

Review Moonriver Audio 404 integrated amplifier

Today we have something special for you on the test bench because although we like to test the big brands, we are as happy to work with an unknown brand. A young company that brings out an exciting, new product is something we can always relate to. Today we take you to Malmö in Sweden […]


Review Gato DIA-250S integrated amplifier – DAC

We recently had the Gato AMP-150 on Alpha-Audio’s test bench. We were very impressed with this beautiful amplifier. From the same brand we now have the GATO DIA-250S; an integrated amplifier with DAC. We’re curious to see how it performs, are you?

Gato Amp 150

Review Gato AMP150 integrated amplifier

At Alpha-Audio we prefer to think of ourselves as down-to-earth music lovers. When you read our reviews, you will notice we are especially charmed by audio equipment that looks ‘unobtrusive’; not flashy, no gimmicks, no bells and whistles. But of course, they have to sound good. Form follows function. But, honestly… we also – secretly […]

Primare I15 SC15

Review Primare duo: i15 and SC15 Prisma

With some reviews you prefer to go straight to the conclusion. However, we’re going to hold back for a while. First we are going to introduce the Primare i15 and SC15. Because this Swedish Duo just deserves that. In short: first things first… what are we talking about?