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Review – Four Teufel Raumfeld streaming speakers

You may know the German company Teufel for its soundbars, in-ears and giant party speakers. However, the Germans also make very affordable evergreens in the form of the Ultima 40 (including the Active version) and the Stereo L and Stereo M streaming speakers. Or the One M, to name but a few. We thought it […]

Live Stream Replay – Streamers: Sonos – Bluesound – Yamaha – Metrum

Streamers have become a standard source in many high-quality audio systems. This is not surprising, given that all major brands have had a streamer in their range for more than five years. Sonos even around fifteen years. In short: streamers are now mature sources. We are curious about the current status of the hardware. After […]


Video – Short first impression of the MOON 680D

The new MOON 680D is a particularly versatile dac / streamer. With numerous inputs, including bluetooth AptX, it is a high-end dream machine for the modern audio / music lover. We briefly run through the features and give a first impression of the sound.

DALI Rubicon 2C

Review Dali Rubicon 2C

At the iEar 2019 we were already introduced to the active Dali Rubicon 2C aka the active Rubicons. It was a showstopper indeed. HOW can that much sound pressure come from those little cabinets? The wow factor is definitely high. Does a good first impression also lead to a good review? Please read on!

NAD C658

Review NAD C 658 dac – pre-amp – streamer

In recent years we see more and more all-in-one devices appearing on the market and although initially people looked down on these crammed boxes, they seem to determine the future of the audio world today; the year 2020. In recent months we have seen the birth of the Nad M10, Hegel H120, Arcam SA30 and […]

Xielierlike Fake Phantom Speaker

Review – Devialet Phantom Gold for 50 euros

Everything is for sale. And if you want a Devialet Phantom Gold for, but don’t have 3000 euros, you can of course buy one for 50 euros. Isn’t that right? Sure. In China, yes. We order a ‘Golden Speaker – High Power’ in China and wait a month… And another week. Just before Christmas he […]

Audiolab 6000N

Review Audiolab 6000N Play streamer

Today we are testing the Audiolab 6000N Play, a streamer with full size and a lot of quality under the hood. It is brave that Audiolab dare to interfere.

Review NAD M10 all-in-one

It is striking that the NAD M10 is tuned differently from the M32. The M32 sounds a bit more distant and – it seems – a bit less energetic than the M10. In any case, the match on our Focals with the M10 is a bit more pleasant. We’re getting a little more into the music. And that for 2000 euros less than the M32. So you see!

Marantz Melody X

Review Marantz Melody X MCR612

The Marantz Melody X is an all-rounder and everybody’s friend. The Melody X easily plays hours of music away. It all listens pleasantly away. This is because the sound is just good. We can’t notice anything about it. The chosen speakers, B&W 606, are doing their bit.