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What causes audible differences in network cables?

We round off our little investigation into network cables with a listening test and a clear conclusion. As promised we subjected the network plugs to a listening test and listened to three different configurations: shielding fixed on one side, shielding fixed on two sides and double shielded (and both sides connected). Do we hear differences? […]

Review – ten connectors for network cables – Let’s get connected

We test all sorts of things at Alpha Audio. Your editor also a lot in the area of network connectivity. Think cables, network interfaces, converters from copper to fiber, switches, et cetera. However, we’ve never looked at network plugs – connectors. Yes: very nerdy. But useful for the DIY’er. Because you can be sure that […]

Review Jcat NET CARD XE – Optimo 3 Duo – Clean Stream

It has been quite a few years since we tested the first “audiophile” plug-in card. At the time we did have our doubts, to be honest, because data is data right? Yes… that is certainly true. But now we know better. It’s not about the data, but about how clean that data comes in. Free […]

Multitest – The best switch for streaming audio

Data is data… A 1 is a 1 and a 0 is a 0. Right as rain. So why are we testing network switches? They don’t make data errors, do they? After all, there are ancient protocols for data transmission. Protocols that have proven themselves for decades. True too… But there are more factors that […]

Review Meraki MS220-8P switch – with music samples

Networking remains a hot topic. And that’s not odd, because how is it possible that differences between switches can be heard? It’s all package based audio. Of course we have already done some research on that. And no, it’s not corrupted data. Our theory is common mode noise entering the hi-fi equipment via the network. […]

Fidelizer Etherstream

Review Fidelizer Etherstream switch

We can’t make it better than it is. The Fidelizer Etherstream – which is a modified SG110D – does bring a little more insight and focus: the difference is small. And the 350 euro premium isn’t worth it. A standard Cisco SG110D-08 with a Sbooster sounds better and is simply cheaper.

Testpanel Switch Test

Seven switches for streaming audio tested – Blind!

What a wonderful day we have had with this team of readers of Alpha Audio. Thanks again for the commitment!

We have streamed this live all day to let you watch. And it has been gratefully used. We love that! This day tastes like more! Today’s conclusion: yes… a switch does make an audible difference.

Telegärtner M12 Switch Magic

Review JPlay Telegärtner M12 Switch Magic

We estimate that the Telegärtner M12 Switch Magic is of interest to owners of a high-end system who are ready for the dot on the ‘i’.