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Sonos Sonance in-ceiling

Review Sonos Sonance in-ceiling speakers

Sonos is well known in the world of multiroom audio. But also in the world of custom installation. The music players and speakers have almost all possible links with smart home systems. That is why they are so popular among installers of CI. But outdoor, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are still missing. That is now […]


Review ATC HTS40 on-wall loudspeaker

We know British ATC mainly from studio speakers. And bookshelfs and floorstanders. Think of the SCM19 V2 which has become a reference at Alpha Audio. What you may not know is that they also manufacture Home Theatre models. The so-called HTS series. We test the HTS40. A large – heavy – on wall loudspeaker.

Ascendo Home Cinema

Review Ascendo 7.1 home theatre system

Home Theatre. It is not directly a focus point of Alpha Audio. However, since the construction of our custom installation wall and the installation of the Optoma 4K projector – with a beautiful screen to top it off – , we have decided to to review special systems. And the surround solution from the German […]


Review KEF CI4100QL THX in-wall speaker

Are you looking for a compact, well priced built-in speaker? KEF has an interesting option with the 4100QL THX. This built-in speaker sounds pleasant overall. No sharpness, good resolving power and a nice vocal area. Do know that you need a subwoofer for a full experience.

DALI Phantom 280S

Review DALI Phantom 280S

What a speaker. The DALI Phantom 280S is truly a monstrous in-wall. The sound is complete, refined and dynamic. That makes the Phantom ideal for music. But also in movies it shines. It can transform like a Cameleon. Perfect. Though it’s not a cinemaspeaker par excellence. It doesn’t reach the deepest bass. Although his size does suggest so. However: when it comes to music, we don’t miss it and we especially enjoy the enormous stage that the Phantom 280S sets up. A worthy replacement for a sturdy, high-quality floor stand. Alpha Approved!