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Marantz Model 40n

Review Marantz Model 40n – With the ‘N’ of “Neat!”

Your editor still regrets – if we stay within the hi-fi hobby for a moment – one thing: the sale of a Marantz receiver. A quadrophonic monster. We’re guessing it was a 4415. What a wonderful receiver that was. but hey… those were the early days…. Back to present day; the time for Marantz to […]

Atoll SDA200

Review Atoll Electronique SDA200 and CD200 Signature – Vive La France!

France’s Atoll Electronique is a small family business run by brothers Stéphane and Emmanuel Dubreuil since 1997. In the summer of 2018, your author had the opportunity to visit the factory in Brecey and get to know the aimable brothers. The tour, lunch and listening session made for an unforgettable day there in sunny Normandy. […]

Review Jcat Optimo S-ATX – Next Level Computer Power

Your author has several hobbies. Too many in fact. To name a few: video / photographic equipment, cars, gaming, computers and of course hi-fi and listening to music. And well: all hobbies are expensive if you take them seriously. A decent camera lens can cost up to €2000. If you go for a Zeiss cinema […]

Live Review Wireless Speakers – Buchardt – System Audio – Devialet – KAD

We wanted to start this year nicely. And we estimate that we have succeeded with that in the form of a Live Stream with wireless speakers. Four top-notch speakers that show and prove that wireless audio performs excellently nowadays. Partly thanks to advanced wifi techniques and / or Wisa. In this livestream we have listened […]

Review – Four Teufel Raumfeld streaming speakers

You may know the German company Teufel for its soundbars, in-ears and giant party speakers. However, the Germans also make very affordable evergreens in the form of the Ultima 40 (including the Active version) and the Stereo L and Stereo M streaming speakers. Or the One M, to name but a few. We thought it […]

Jcat USB XE - Optimo Nano

Jcat USB XE and Pico Nano – Beauty from within

We have written before about the Jcat NET XE pci-express card. A network card from the Polish company Jcat. We have been using pci-express cards from Jcat for some time now and time after time we are surprised by how well it works. The ‘Femto’ series brings more calmness and flow compared to standard usb […]

What causes audible differences in network cables?

We round off our little investigation into network cables with a listening test and a clear conclusion. As promised we subjected the network plugs to a listening test and listened to three different configurations: shielding fixed on one side, shielding fixed on two sides and double shielded (and both sides connected). Do we hear differences? […]

Review – ten connectors for network cables – Let’s get connected

We test all sorts of things at Alpha Audio. Your editor also a lot in the area of network connectivity. Think cables, network interfaces, converters from copper to fiber, switches, et cetera. However, we’ve never looked at network plugs – connectors. Yes: very nerdy. But useful for the DIY’er. Because you can be sure that […]

Review Jcat NET CARD XE – Optimo 3 Duo – Clean Stream

It has been quite a few years since we tested the first “audiophile” plug-in card. At the time we did have our doubts, to be honest, because data is data right? Yes… that is certainly true. But now we know better. It’s not about the data, but about how clean that data comes in. Free […]

Bluesound NODE

Review Bluesound NODE streamer (2021)

After nine years in the market, Bluesound comes with the new NODE. Are we going back in time? No. Bluesound is dropping the numbers for this latest generation – officially Gen 3. It’s now just Bluesound NODE, POWERNODE, et cetera. Not a lot just seems to have changed. But appearances are deceiving! We take a […]