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Audioquest William Tell Silver and ZERO speaker cable


  • Speed
  • Air
  • Energy
  • Precision and detail


  • 'Spicy' price
  • Price difference ZERO and Silver
  • Stiff
  • It is not ours!
  • Prijs: € 3300 - 10000

    Build quality



    With the arrival of Garth Powell, Audioquest has gained a lot of interesting knowledge. Both in the field of power ás in the field of cables, as it turns out. Because not only has Garth developed a complete series of power products (here you find our multitest), he also developed an extensive series of power cables and speaker cables. We listen to the William Tell ZERO and William Tell Silver

    We have always used Audioquest-products in our reference system. We always use the NRG-1000 and NRG-10 mains cables for example. They just sound good. Tight bass, beautiful imaging and not intrusive. And we have long used the Audioquest Oak. But that has now made way for the Driade Flow. For several reasons. Changing the Oak is really a pain in the ***. And with multitesting, it’s just not convenient. The Driade also has a little less obvious signature than the Oak, which is nice with a reference system.

    New series

    The new series of Audioquest show that they have not sat still in the U.S. And that Garth really knows what he’s doing. Both the power-cables and speaker cables have made a giant step in terms of transparency.

    For example, we swapped the NRG-1000 for the Dragon Source. Man… what a difference! And for this test, our Driade Flow has made way for the William Tell Silver and ZERO. Price-wise a … significant step. Is it worth the extra investment? More about that later.

    The William Tell series falls within the Folk Heroes-series. (The Dragon power cable is part of the Mythical creatures… review to come). There is also the Robin Hood for example. The William Tell comes in two versions: the ZERO with 100% PFC, so solid core copper. And there is a Silver version with a mix of copper and silver (80%/20%). Both cables have the 72 volt DBS system, equal carbon based shielding with ‘noise dissipation’ and are full-range.

    The William Tell ZERO falls in the price range of the Audioquest Oak. The Silver variant is significantly more expensive (about twice: 8000 against 4000 euros per pair of 3 meters). We will soon find out if this price difference is justified.

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