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Authentic Audio Image – AAI: cables and pads – High level tweaking

Prijs: € 380 - 3230



Authentic Audio Image – AAI – is a manufacturer of cables and accessories from Slovakia. The Dutch importer, Musicom, has sent us three sets of pads and a whole set of cables from the “Vittorioso” line for some tweaking. In short: there’s work to be done!

AAI’s motto is ‘just natural sound’. We are testing the products – supplied by Musicom – to investigate that claim. The testing was done by your faithful authors, Jaap and Martijn, together. In Martijn’s setup at home it didn’t really work out. The cables were either of the wrong type or too short, except for the Ethernet cable. The pads were absolutely no success in combination with the Naim amplifier and streamer, but the feeling was that this was a Naim specific issue and not of the pads (Naim already decouples the boards internally, which could possibly cause an undesired effect).

Fortunately, we always have other options. There is an extensive reference system in Haarlem. In short: your author went to Haarlem with cables and pads under his arm! It was a day of intensive testing and also many new issues. You’ll be reading a lot more on Alpha Audio about cables, effects and measurements. And hopefully also the necessary clarifications and explanations of what cables do now. But before we go off-topic too much: this article is about the AAI products.

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