Battle of the Brits – Cyrus, Rega and Naim

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Reviews of the Cyrus Classic Amp and the Rega Elicit Mk5 amplifier have appeared recently. They spent some time next to each other and next to a Naim XS 2. What are the similarities and differences? Comparing gear is always interesting, especially when it involves three amplifiers in the same price range from manufacturers who have a long history in the British HiFi industry. What's in a PRaT? When it comes to British audio brands, the term "PRaT" pops up. PRaT stands for pacing, rhythm and timing. Naim, Cyrus and Rega are three brands that for many are synonymous with...
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Tested price range
Price cheapest product: €2150
Price most expensive product: €2600
Production country
  • Brand and model: Naim XS2
  • Build quality:
  • Overall impression:
  • Price: €2150
  • Brand and model: Rega Elicit MK5
  • Build quality:
  • Overall impression:
  • Price: €2600
  • Brand and model: Cyrus Classic AMP
  • Build quality:
  • Overall impression:
  • Price: €2395

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