The Alpha Top 5 – Final Countdown

Alpha Approved


Time flies! It is the end of the year again. We are approaching Christmas and New Year. We hope that despite all the measures you have been able to enjoy your hobbies and loving loved ones. Right now, we need each other. We at Alpha Audio have had an awful lot on our hands this past year. More than 100 products to be exact. And there’s still a lot to come. We list for you – in a few sentences for each device – what products made a lasting impression.

As an author, you get to see and hear a lot of great stuff. Making a top five is therefore extremely difficult. We’ve tried to dig into our history to fish out the gems for you. These choices are purely subjective, so keep that in mind. You will also find links to the reviews to learn more. Enjoy the read and have a nice holiday!



  1. Thank you for your top five components for this Christmas. I am a bit confused. On your youtube videos there is always two of you exchanging your thoughts on a component. So who is Geoffrey..? (I suppose he works for Alpha Audio but does not appear on Youtube?)

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