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The Alpha Top 5 – Final Countdown

Alpha Approved

Geoffrey's Top Five


Merason Audio Frérot d/a converter

Merason is a new challenger among the lightweights. The Frérot competes complexly with the Denafrips Ares 2 and Chord Qutest and, in our opinion, wins on points. And that is particularly impressive, considering the names this Swiss has to compete against.

Audioquest Powerquest 3 power filter

The Powerquest 3 from Audioquest is affordable, versatile and very nicely made. That’s how we like them. The Powerquest 3 is not only an excellent filter and power block but also provides peace of mind because it offers safety as soon as it detects a technical problem.

Price and availability

The Powerquest 3 is available immediately for a price of €289 at the following website


Cambridge Audio NQ and W Pre and Power Amplifier

The Cambridge Audio NQ and W is a beautiful duo that is insanely well put together both inside and out. This combo performs exceptionally well and is only surpassed by much more expensive components.

Price & Availability

The Cambridge Audio Edge NQ is available immediately for a price of €4,999 from the following website

. The Cambridge Audio Edge W is available immediately for a price of €3,999 from the following website.

Moonriver Audio 404 Integrated Amplifier

The Moonriver Aumdio 404 is a special case. And at Alpha Audio, we like that. Yes, it plays slightly colored but also very open and very rhythmic. An addictive combination. All in all, an amplifier that you can enjoy for years without it ever getting boring.

Lejonklou Boazu integrated amplifier

The Lejonklou is an amplifier for the purist. An amplifier that sticks, convinces and proves to be unprecedentedly musical. The Lejonklou Boazu is unique in the land of amplifiers. In short: a well-deserved place in this Top Five!


  1. Thank you for your top five components for this Christmas. I am a bit confused. On your youtube videos there is always two of you exchanging your thoughts on a component. So who is Geoffrey..? (I suppose he works for Alpha Audio but does not appear on Youtube?)

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