The best floor standing speaker for 4000 euros

Prijs: € 4000

Elac FS407


Eight floor-standing speakers. Eight models of around €4000. Eight brands, eight philosophies. We tested it live for you. And you were able to listen in. The samples can be found in this article. Which one is the best is mostly a matter of taste; it's as simple as that. Do you like to relax? Then the Elac, Definitive Technology or the Xavian might be for you. Do you like full range and spectacle? Then the Golden Ear or the Martin Logan is your thing. Do you like pure, honest and rhytmic? Then Driade or Spendor might be your taste. Is a stylish and modern looking model your 'thing'? Then the Piega will be right up your street.

Watch the Live Streams


Part 1 mass test floorstanding speakers

Part 2 mass test floorstanding speakers


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