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The End of Year Top 5 – Yung

Hifiman Ananda BT

It is the time of lists again. The time to look back and determine what has impressed you now. In case of us: which products have left an indelible impression? The top-5 of your author is as follows!

Hifiman Andanda BT

Not so much because of the Bluetooth function but mainly because of the DA-converter/headphone amplifier, this Ananda is special. You have a planar headphone, a USB-DAC and an amplifier in a single device. And of course Bluetooth which makes this one of the best sounding (and heavily priced) Bluetooth headphones on the market.

Golden Ear Reference BRX bookshelf speaker

This U.S.-originated monitor speaker is very compact and very nice… The Golden Ear Reference BRX played absolutely stunning… especially in combination with the Yamaha AS2200 amplifier. Neutral, spatial, musical. It’s just right, Lovely monitor for a very reasonable price.

Primare R35 phono preamp

In 2020, vinyl will have a firm place in the Alpha-Audio reviews. We performed no less than three multitests in which we played records and the conclusion is that it simply provides more listening pleasure. And with high-end turntables, the detail richness and coherence of the sound is second to none.

In all this, a good phono preamplifier is indispensable. The Primare R35 offers a wide range of tuning options that are a study in themselves. Your reward is a phono stage that gets the most out of your turntable and cardridge. And one that has a truly balanced output. In this price range, that’s special. It’s become our reference phono preamp.

Denon DCD A-110 CD player

Yes, a CD player! As far as I’m concerned, this is the answer to the question whether CDs are still worth the effort. How nice this Denon DCD A-110 CD player sounds. It’s musical, refined, dynamic, the noise floor is lower than low (and therefore more quiet). What a device. And no… no XLR, just tulip plugs. Just plug in some cables and enjoy the music.

Blumenhofer Classic 1722 horn speaker

This speaker was used in the multitest of valve amplifiers. Combine these with a nice turntable and you won’t get up from your couch… ever. Well… maybe to put up a new record. But also digital sources make these Blumenhofers sound very well. Because these speakers are so sensitive, the match with an amplifier is very important. Listen again to the multitest and judge for yourself!

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