Demo ethernet cables – With samples!

Ethernet cables: always a nice subject. Is there an audible difference ? Is there no difference at all? What are the possible differences? We take a different approach. Instead of working everything out in a written article, we prepared our sample setup and simply made recordings of the various cables. Have fun watching and listening!

The setup is our standard reference system:

The sample we use is from Jack Johnson: Sleep through the Static – Angel (MQA version of Tidal).

The cables we’re testing:

  • Standard ethernet
  • Custom Ethernet cable from Audioquest: Cat700 Pearl with Telegartner plugs
  • Shunyata Venom
  • Shunyata Delta
  • Shunyata Alpha
  • Audioquest Cinnamon (5M)

Video Ethernet cable comparison – With samples

Download lossless samples



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