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How well does speaker decoupling work? Townshend, Isoacoustics, Primacoustic

Prijs: € 480 - 2279


What an interesting test this was! We never expected the differences to be so obvious. Every form of decoupling has its own advantages and disadvantages. And therefore also has a different effect. You really should take this into account. Try before you buy!

Video - samples - conclusion


Product Price Imaging Sound
Spikes Free – in the box Relatively small and flat, but good in focus Good balance, energetic
Townshend Seismic Platform 2279 per pair Very large, deep and airy. Focus is maintained well. Fast, insightful and layered. More detail audible. At the subwoofer we lose punch and kick.
Isoacoustics Gaia 680 per pair (8 pieces so) Bigger than spikes, slightly smaller than Townshend. Focus remains nice and sharp. With these ATCs the balance is a bit too mid-focused. Therefore a bit intrusive. Can be due to the closed cabinet. With other speakers we did not have that.
Primacoustic RX12 240 per piece Compact, but excellent focus. Looks like spikes with a little more stability. Very good balance. With the C1 subwoofer, it works extremely well. With the SCM40A too, but may be a bit dry for some.

Live Test speaker decoupling

Lossless Downloads

Download all lossless samples here

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