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Live Stream Replay – Multi-Test Headphones

Mor than 5000 euro

Hifiman Susvara

Price: €5999

Finally, the top model from Hifiman’s planar line, the Susvara. With a sensitivity of 83 dB it is notorious for finding a well fitting amplifier. It would even be possible to connect an ordinary power amplifier to the Susvara..

The Neve Fidelice is certainly an amplifier with power; we need to set the gain to high and the volume control to 12 o’clock. It certainly doesn’t sound wrong but we are curious if we can do better. After all, we have the Viva Egoista 845 ready to tame these power hungry headphones ( and with reason.) And the Viva does that with verve. What a difference. It sounds tight, open, deep, wide, everything is right. And with everything, we mean ‘everything’.

In the measurements we see that the phase behaviour is extremely straight and that’s actually the technical translation of the previous sentence. Phase reproduction means that everything is in place and in proportion. Timing, transient information, everything is there as it once was during the recording and edited by the mastering engineer.

When testing the Susvara we are confirmed in the interest of a good amplifier; especially if a headphone or a speaker is difficult to control, an amplifier that can keep sufficient grip on the drivers is important. This translates into the investment, because the Susvara with € 6,000 is already a very substantial price. The Viva Egoista 845 is more than twice as expensive: € 12,800.


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