Live Stream test – Power conditioners – YETI, Isol-8, PliXir, Isotek

Price: € 3300 - 5800


On Sunday, November 28, 2021, we listened to four beautiful power conditioners (Live): the YETI Reference, Isol-8 HC, PliXir Elite BAC 3000 and the Isotek Titan V5. You could again watch te stream; it’s embedded in this review. We started the test with a cable directly into the wall. Then we started listening to the filters one by one. Now these are four wonderful products. And the step from directly out of the wall to a filter is the biggest: so keep that in mind

Testing filters is a complex job. For several reasons. First of all, there are various types of filters: serial and parallel to name but a few. In addition, there are filters for high-current and low-current, which means that a filter is made for devices that draw a lot of current (amps) or just sip a bit. Think of power amplifiers (high current) versus sources or preamplifiers (low current).

And then the construction can vary enormously. Do they work with a toroidal transformer or other types of transformers to make the galvanic separation? All in all, big differences and therefore devices will be able to react differently to the filter.

The set-up

We have chosen to keep it simple. All filters are suitable for high-current devices. For that reason we only connect the Bryston 4B SST3. Purely to keep it simple and to determine whether the filter can maintain the dynamics. Furthermore, we have prepared our standard reference system for you:


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