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Live Stream test – Power conditioners – YETI, Isol-8, PliXir, Isotek

Prijs: € 3300 - 5800

The Candidates


So, as reported, we listened to four filters. The types with specifications can be found below. Each filter we fed three tracks: Seal – Love for Sale, London Grammar – Lord it’s a Feeling and Jacques Loussier – Little Fuge in G Minor. You can download all lossless tracks at the bottom of the article.

Yeti Reference

YETI is a new brand on the Dutch market. The philosophy of the brand is clear: no nonsense products with a lot of overcapacity. A philosophy we can agree with. After all: “There is no substitute for cubic inches…”.

When we go from the wall to the YETI Reference, our jaws just drop. What an increase in space! Unbelievable. The bass also goes deeper and rolls into the room with more fluidity and ease. Who thinks that this is not audible in a blind test, may go to the ENT doctor.

What we especially notice when we sit down to listen is that we are much more in the music. With the Bryston directly in the wall, we are not really involved; the music is presented somewhat cold and sharp, making us feel a distance. With the YETI between the wall and the Bryston 4B SST3, we are again drawn directly into the music. Delightful!

Specifications YETI Reference

Brand Type
YETI Reference 1600
Power Max 2300 watt
Power Nominal 1600 watts
Number of Outlets 6: 4 x low current, 2 x high-current
Filter type Parallel. Medical grade transformer.
Weight 45 Kg
Price 4250 ex power cord

PliXir Elite BAC 3000

PliXir is a relatively new brand in the Netherlands. It is distributed by Audio Essence. The brand origens from Singapore and was founded by James Soh. Officially the brand was founded in 2014, but James was modifying and developing power products well before then. In short: not a newbie in the field of product development.

The PliXir Elite BAC 3000 is a model in PliXir’s higher-end line. The product can deliver up to 3000 watts – hence BAC 3000 – and offers 8 outputs. In short: for many enthusiasts, the whole system can be connected to one filter, which is different from, for example, the Isol-8 and Isotek. These are only suitable for High Current and offer two or three outputs.

We are going to review the BAC 3000 in more detail. In that review we will go deeper into the technology.

What is immediately noticeable is that the PliXir Elite BAC 3000 offers a different sound balance. It is crazy to experience this in this way. Where the tonal balance of the YETI – compared to this PliXir – is a bit on the warmer side, this is a bit more focused on the mids. This is clearly audible with vocals that are slightly more forward. Especially with London Grammar, this is very noticeable and audible.

What we also hear is that the PliXir totally does not take away any dynamics. The bass pressure is still there, the piano with Jacques Loussier stands like a house and Seal also enters the room in all its glory. Excellent!

Specifications PliXir Elite BAC 3000

Brand Type
PliXir Elite BAC 3000
Power Max 3000 watt
Energy Nominal 2000 watt
Number of outlets 8: 6 x low current, 2 x high-current
Filter type Torodial transformer
Weight 37 Kg
Price 4450 excl. power cord

Isol-8 HC

From Daluso we are sent the Isol-8 HC. Along with a nice power-cord that is needed considering the powercon connector. That’s another plug connector that’s mostly used in the pro world. Partly due to the fact that it’s snapped on so it can never just go out.

Isol-8 is a British company that has been designing and manufacturing power conditioners for years; Isol-8 was founded by Nic Poulson in 2003. The company is based in London. Like the other candidates, Isol-8 has many models in its product range. Models for low-current, high-current, fusions of the two and even models for the pro industry. Think rackmount models with lots of outputs. Very convenient.

The HC version we have in our rack, is for power amplifiers or other high-current devices. Think large, integrated AV receivers with lots of power. So the design is not intended for sources and pre-amps. Keep that in mind. If that is what you are looking for, there is also an LC version for ‘low current’.

Our Bryston and the Isol-8 HC go together just fine. In a way, the Isol-8 HC is reminiscent of the PliXir. This Isol-8 is also fast and open in sound. We have the feeling that the Brit is even a tad faster. The high end is a bit more polished which matches the Focal a bit better. A matter of taste, because we cannot call the PliXir sharp.

In terms of dynamics we can be brief: it remains wonderfully present. And partly due to the added calmness we hear much more micro detail and subtleties in the reproduction. Also, the room acoustics in the recording comes forward much better. Just like its two predecessors.

Specifications Isol-8 HC

Brand Type
Isol-8 HC
Power Max 3600 watt
Rated Power 3600 watts
Number of outlets 2: 2 x high-current
Filter type Parallel. Incl Axis circuit for DC blocking
Weight 11 Kg
Price 3300 exl power cord

Isotek Titan V5

Last but not least, shall we say. We’ll finish up with the Isotek Titan V5. Now we already have a complete review of this device, so we could also just refer to that. But that would be a bit lame, wouldn’t it?

Isotek was founded by Keith Martin. Also a Brit. As with Isol-8, we see models for high-current, low-current, fusions, and also a filter for in AV racks and home automation applications. Handy.

The Titan V5 is a filter for High Current applications. If you are looking for a device for pre-amps and sources, then the Aquarius or for example Sigmas is a nice option. The sound of the Titan V5 leans a bit towards the YETI. We hear a little more midrange than with the PliXir and Isol-8. A little more warmth perhaps. In terms of stereo imaging, the Isol-8 and PliXir are a little more forward and the YETI and Isotek a little more backward.

Space remains and effects go around us nicely with all filters as well. They are subtleties. However, you can hear, feel and notice them. So it’s important when choosing a product that must fit into a system.

The tranquility an insight that the Isotek brings is equivalent to the other products. Partly because the lower overall noise floor, details come out more easily. And that is just immediately audible. In our opinion, that makes for more of a musical experience.

Specifications Isotek Titan V5

Brand Type
Isotek Titan V5
Power Max 3600 watt
Rated Power 3600 watts
Number of outlets 3: 3 x high-current
Filter type Parallel. 9 stage power filter.
Weight 12 Kg
Price 4800 incl power cord

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