Marantz PM6007 integrated amplifier


  • Fine dac
  • Versatility
  • Building quality
  • Price


  • Classic look?
  • Balance with lower level
  • Price: € 549

    Build quality
    Marantz PM6007



    We reviewers are spoiled. We have access to the latest stuff on the market and are allowed to play with that stuff for a long time. Boys (girls too of course) and toys, so to speak. We tell you this because we have the brand-new Marantz PM6007 on our hifi-rack, an integrated amplifier that may not immediately appeal to the imagination with its classic look. A case of ‘been there done that’ so to speak. 

    Once out of the box, however, the classic look of the Marantz PM6007 surprises us in a positive way, even with all those little buttons you will do little or nothing with. It must be said that this version, now in its thirteenth year, is really timeless. With the brand new Model 30 Marantz proves that they also dare to innovate, but today it’s all about the rock solid and affordable PM6007. Let’s check it out!

    Marantz is one of the most iconic audio brands in the world and most readers have had something of this iconic hifi-brand before. Over the last few decades, they’ve delivered many great products and we feel like they’re back again now that they’re under the umbrella of Sound United. After the departure of Ken Ishiwata it was a bit of a wait and see if there would be a gap to fill, but of course such a company doesn’t fall or stand with one (very charismatic!) person. We also have the feeling that Ken has tought a thing or two to some other engineers.

    Construction and appearance


    The outside of the PM6007 may feel very familiar, but inside it has changed a lot. For a €549 unit, this amplifier feels very solid. The front panel is made of aluminum and the two large rotary knobs are robust and great to use. The left button turns on the amplifier and selects the inputs, the right button controls the volume. The small knobs for treble, bass and balance (who uses them?) are also excellent quality. We use the source-direct button to bypass the tone control. A headphone output completes the recognizable front.

    At the back we see a whole bunch of connections. Five analog inputs, one for a turntable and two analog outputs for a tape recorder and a subwoofer. Above that, we see three digital inputs, 2 times optical and 1 time coaxial. In the middle no less than 4 pairs of speaker connections and on the right the possibility to connect different Marantz devices. A large, elongated remote control with many keys is included as standard. The most important task, controlling the volume, this remote control does an excellent job. For enthusiasts there is, of course, the matching CD player.

    Digital Upgrade

    Perhaps the biggest change is the new dac that Marantz put in the PM6007. A dac based on an AK4490 chip, quite an upgrade from the Cirrus Logic in the previous model.

    You can choose between 2 filters, each with a different color. We find it positive that Marantz limits the choice to 2 filters. Listen once which filter fits best in your set and then never think about it again. Too many filters only provide audiophilia nervosa. Unexpectedly we choose in our system and room for sharp roll-off, indicated with a purple led light, but this choice can be completely different for you.



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