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Marantz PM6007 integrated amplifier


  • Fine dac
  • Versatility
  • Building quality
  • Price


  • Classic look?
  • Balance with lower level
  • Price: € 549

    Build quality
    Marantz PM6007


    We have had many fine integrated amplifiers in our listening room. But for the price, the Marantz PM6007 is the most complete we have layed our hands on. It has multiple analogue inputs, enough digital inputs, a phono stage and more possibilities than we can ask for. The renewed dac sounds excellent and the analogue inputs now have enough oomph on board. The reproduction is completely balanced which makes this amplifier work well with different loudspeakers. In addition, the PM6007 is very user friendly and built like a tank. A total package with nowhere a false note. Alpha Approved!



    Our reference in the budget class is the Audiolab 6000A which is a few hundred euros more expensive. In terms of appearance, they are worlds apart. Classic versus ultra-modern, so to speak. In terms of connections and features, it’s a lot more equal. Plenty of input and output from both amplifiers. There are sound differences. The 6000A is faster, fresher and more dynamic than the PM6007. We like it, but there is as much to say for the sound balance of the PM6007 which adds just a little more body, which is often nice with budget speakers.

    For whom

    This is an integrated amplifier that is easily recommended. Versatile, easy to use and easy to combine. Reliable even with a reproduction that will appeal to many. You get great value for money and that will certainly be a decisive factor to purchase this Marantz PM6007. It is in any case a safe choice that will not disappoint. However, do not expect ultimate control for driving difficult speakers.

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