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Multitest bookshelf speakers – 2500 Euro – part 3



We have already reached the final part of this triptych. Finally, we have heard fourteen bookshelf speakers pass by. That’s a lot of speakers. And we tested them not on one but on two amplifiers. So that amounts to 28 combinations and then on three tracks. A lot of listening, but incredibly interesting! This time we are going to listen to the KEF R3 Meta, Elac Vela BS403, Monitor Audio Gold 100 and the ATC SCM11. Again, four top notch speakers.

Now you would think that with fourteen pairs we have had all the bookshelfs. We haven’t. There are other brands and even a few larger brands that we haven’t listened to. The hi-fi world is a bit bizarre when it comes to the amount of choice you have. In fact, there is just too much choice. Please know that we did our best to invite everyone. We also know in advance that certain brands will not want to participate because they don’t like this concept. That is their choice… And also understandable, since there are always risks involved in comparative testing.

However, it is very interesting for you as a reader to see these kinds of mass tests, as you can immediately get an idea of the range on offer as well as read, hear and see what how product compares to its competitors. This allows you to judge for yourself which models are interesting to take a closer look at.

Other parts

Part one of the bookshelf test

Part two of the bookshelf test

Test set-up

We used the exact same set-up, of course:

As you can see, we are working with two power amplifiers. This to see how the speaker(s) cope with a class A amplifier with less damping and a focus on resolution, flow and scale and an amplifier with a lot of control and a slightly drier character. Both amplifiers are pretty neutral, know that. It is purely the way of energy delivery and control that differs.

Music in the test

  • Beethoven, Symphony no.7, part 2: Adagietto. The Royal Flemish Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Philippe Herreweghe.
  • Mammal Hands – Three Good Things from the “Shadow Work” album
  • Sohn – M.I.A. from the album “Trust”

The candidates

  • Elac Vela BS403
  • ATC SCM11
  • KEF R3 Meta
  • Monitor Audio Gold 100 (G5)
Type test
Production country
  • Brand and model: KEF R3 Meta
  • Build quality: Very sturdy, nicely finished
  • Overall impression: Warm speaker, superbly built, very clean in reproduction. Timing could be better
  • Price: €2200
  • Brand and model: Elac Vela BS403
  • Build quality: Beautifully made. Sturdy, compact.
  • Overall impression: Fine, neutral speaker. Layed back character.
  • Price: €2200
  • Brand and model: Monitor Audio Gold 100
  • Build quality: Neat, sturdy, stylish
  • Overall impression: Rhythmic, extroverted sound, lively
  • Price: €2135
  • Brand and model: ATC SCM11
  • Build quality: Solid, no-nonsense
  • Overall impression: Fine, neutral speaker. Very correct, May need a sub.
  • Price: €1925
  • Winkels met ATC

    Emrikweg 25
    2031 BT Haarlem, NL
    Korevaarstraat 2 e-f
    2311 JS Leiden, NL

    Winkels met Elac

    Binnenwatersloot 30
    2611 BK Delft, Zuid Holland, NL

    Winkels met Kef

    Sint-Antoniusstraat 15
    2300 Turnhout, BE
    Joseph Bensstraat 21
    1180 Ukkel, BE
    Bredabaan 1031
    B-2930 Brasschaat, BE
    Pelikaanstraat 126
    2018 Antwerpen, BE

    Winkels met Monitor Audio

    Sint-Antoniusstraat 15
    2300 Turnhout, BE
    Joseph Bensstraat 21
    1180 Ukkel, BE
    Bredabaan 1031
    B-2930 Brasschaat, BE
    Pelikaanstraat 126
    2018 Antwerpen, BE


    1. Old KEF R3, by Erin

      -> Shadow Flare Position Impact on Frequency Response


      [ While using the speakers full-range is OK, I found that when I added a subwoofer (SVS SB-2000 Pro and SB-3000, separately), the entire sound became immensely more enveloping. Somehow, it even seems to increase the overall sense of “space” these speakers provide with the right recording. For that reason, I do suggest a subwoofer with these speakers. ]

    2. KEF R3 meta measurements

      You forgot: KEF R3 meta – decay – straight – 3ms.png

      I think they still have not solved the problem of the woofer integration with the excellent coaxial, as it happened with the previous model, the R3.

      I will listen again to the part of the test referring to them.

      Thank you very much (to ALL) for your work.

      – Greetings from Tarragona (SPAIN) –