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Multitest budget monitor loudspeakers – 360 – 650 euros

Prijs: € 600

Multitest bookshelfs


It's been a tough test, because we've heard some remarkable models. Both positive and less positive. All details can be found at the end of the article in the table and the accompanying letter. Our overall conclusion is: also in the budget segment you can find beautiful loudspeakers. Cheap doesn't have to be expensive!


Eight contenders. Eight totally different sounds. Eight models with good and less good points. We’ve put a table below to make it easier for you.

Of course, while listening, we have noticed that we have a preference. In our opinion, the Elac is the most complete and balanced. And yes: that’s also the most expensive one of the couple. It’s a gap of 140 euros with the average. And for 140 euros you can also buy a nice speaker cable. Or a set of cables.

Very tight against the Elac, is the Dynaudio Emit M10. Also a very nice speaker. Something less ’round’ in the middle than the Elac, but very finely balanced. It doesn’t actually do anything wrong. And we’re not missing anything. Also a good choice!

Just below are the Bowers and KEF. A little at the same level. Both very fine speakers, each with their own power. The KEF is a little warmer than the Bowers. The Bowers has a little more sparkle and energy in the mid/high. So it’s what you love and what fits better in your room. The Bowers has a little more “wow” factor. Partly because of its size. The KEF is heavier to load and a little easier to control.

Then the Definitive Technology Demand D7 and Focal Chora 806. Both totally different. The Demand D7 is a particularly neutral model with a soft touch. A fine loudspeaker for a compact space. A speaker that doesn’t stand out, but that’s meant to be positive. We have more trouble with the Focal. He’s got some powers… but lacks body. Chest. In addition, we find the finish moderate for this class.

Finally, the Paradigm and Monitor Audio. They’re not on the same level. As an entry-level budget, we find the Monitor Audio better than the Paradigm, which is too coloured for our taste. If you are looking for something around 200 euros, then the Bronze is in our opinion a better choice.

Overview table

Brand Type System Frequency range (+/- 3dB) Sensitivity (1w/1m) Good Less good Price/Piece
Bowers & Wilkins 607 2-way bass reflex 52 – 28,000 Hz 84dB Intimate sound.

Low distortion

Not really neutral 279
Definitive Technology Demand D7 2-way bass reflex 67 – 21,000 Hz 85dB Distribution Little tame 299
Dynaudio Emit M10 2-way bass reflex 50 – 23,000 Hz 86dB Rhythmic and neutral sound.

Bass Kick

Sometimes a little dry. 299
Elac BS-U5 3-way bass reflex 46 – 25,000 Hz 85dB Nicely balanced.



Nothing for this class. 349
Focal Chora 806 2-way bass reflex 58 – 28,000 Hz 89dB Light-footed.

Kind of bright and thin in low end.


Kind of thin.

Finishing is poor.

KEF Q350 2-way bass reflex 63 – 28,000 Hz 87dB Nice spreading. Balance. Little warm sometimes. 279
Monitor Audio Bronze 2 2-way bass reflex 42 – 30,000 Hz* 90dB Tight and fast playback. In the middle of a bit of restlessness. 199
Paradigm Monitor SE Atom 2-way bass reflex 61 – 21,000 Hz 89dB Competitive price Not very precise 179

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